Working Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Hack: Generate Free Crystals

Star Wars GoH is one of the hottest game available at the moment on the mobile market. It is no wonder it got so competitive with the huge player base that it has. If you’re part of that player base and you haven’t spent a dime on the game yet then you probably know the struggle of being a free user. But that struggle can end today, with the new Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack you’ll be able to fill up your account with unlimited crystals in a matter of minutes. It is very fast and easy and all you need is your mobile device and an internet connection.

What is the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack?

It is basically a generator or software if you prefer. It exploits the freemium option of the game, being able to purchase crystals and it allows for players to obtain the resource for free. In order to work you need to choose the platform and to provide the username. A username is a name you chose while creating the account for the game. It is unique and it can’t be replaced.

Once you connect the hack to the game file or better said your file which contains the information about the number of crystals you have, the hack will replace the value. For instance, it is stated that your account has 10 crystals, the hack will replace the number so it will say 10000 crystals.

There is a simple explanation of why the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack tool works. The game itself allows for the gamers to purchase crystals and play it. In order to make this possible, developers had to use the open-source engine. Simply said the game’s core allows for non-standard alterations of the files, the user account file more precisely. The hack tool uses this possibility and gives you crystals, for free.

It is Much Better Than the Alternatives

Yes, there is an official method you can use to get crystals. You can purchase them. In that case scenario, you don’t need the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes gems cheats. But, this isn’t free and you will need around $100 to spend on crystals in order to get a low amount which can be used for minor applications. As you already know purchasing crystals is expensive and not really an option for most players. EA is well known for its heavy monetization of every single game that has been recently released.

The hack tool we are discussing right now is the free method that works in 100% cases. You can try it right now and see for yourself. The hack is a safe and reliable method that has been used by players from all over the globe for weeks. Not a single account was banned, which brings us to the next section.

Zero Banned Accounts

Some gamers who seek for the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hacks are worried about getting their account banned. Perhaps you are one of them. The main point here is to understand the hack tool is safe to use and it won’t be responsible for any complication with the game’s officials. As always, we will explain why this is the case.

First of all, the hack is stealth meaning there won’t be evidence you use it. The username you provide is encrypted and after the hack is done it will delete the paths it used. What this means is that safety technicians won’t be able to link the hack with your account. The game is already designed for this purpose and this way of play so it won’t look suspicious.

If you still don’t believe, we can add that in the past week over 500.000 players used the hack tool. The percentage of banned accounts due to hack use is 0%. You can verify this by visiting SW GoH communities like the one on Reddit, you won’t find anyone complaining about being banned for using hacks. Another thing to mention here is that most players use the premium option of the game. Some purchase crystals, others use the hack tool. If you don’t use either of these methods, you are less likely to play like a winner. Your gameplay will be incredibly slow and you will encounter countless opponents you can’t defeat. Now you know why some opponents are so powerful and so impossible to defeat. Chances are high they used the hack tool from this very page.

It Works with iOS and Android Devices

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats and hacks must work with all operating systems in order to be actually useful. Well, this one is one of them. It has been tested with iOS and Android version of the game and it is effective in 100% cases. The game is basically the same. After all, you have the same features and same options regardless of which operating system you use. This is the main reason why it is possible for the hack tool to actually work.

The only difference is in choosing the operating system while running the generator. You have two options only, iOS and Android so this isn’t a tough choice to make. Even in a case, you made a mistake, all you have to do is to go back and make the right choice. The game will be hacked successfully and you will get your, free crystals.

Updated according to the game’s version

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes online hack is currently updated to the latest version. This version corresponds to the version the game has. In the future, when needed the hack will be updated. This usually occurs after the game update. The hack will stay online at all times, even during an update.

Once the game is updated, the hack update will follow. This ensures that the tool stays operational and helps players get free crystals. At the same time, it makes it possible for the hack to stay undetectable by the administrators of the game. All you have to remember is that the hack tool is here and it is ready for you. Now you can use it whenever you need additional crystals and defeat your opponents successfully.

Final Word

It is the latest Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack that actually works and has a ban rate of 0%. It is free, easy to use and it can be used as often as you want. Join millions of other players who have been using the hack for months.