The Online Race Kings Hacks And Cheats That Can Get You Free Gold

Race Kings is a live head-to-head racing game developed by Hutch Games Ltd, which was released on the 14th March 2017. The main attraction behind it is that it allows you to exclusively race against other players, in real time. It’s a drift-based racing game, so we’ve provided some pointers and advice on how to become a pro at the game along with a Race Kings hack.

The game is ideal for somebody who’s good at car racing. It involves a drift race between two drivers and only one of them can come out as the winner, so it is important that you train properly on how to drift in order to stand any chance of winning all the available prizes. And this article is the right place to start doing exactly that. You’ll learn all about the game mechanics and how currency works. We will also share all the available tips, tricks and Race Kings cheats with you. But if you already know all about the game, and you’re online here for free gold, you can use the button below to access the generator.


Game Objectives

  • Be mindful of concentrating on your objectives. This provides some form of leveling up mechanism in the game. When you’re able to finish enough objectives to move up a rank, you’ll be able to place bigger bets, unravel new car classes, and keep more money.
  • Using your cash is important because once you reach the cash cap, you won’t be able to earn more money, and this means you’ll just be wasting time and energy. But that’s not the case when you use the Race Kings hack. You’ll not only be able to add unlimited currency, but you’ll also be able to go over the limit.
  • Objectives are often relatively simple, and they are usually things like performing a flawless drift, winning a specific number, or concluding a specific number of races. As you move up the ranks, it could take longer to finish them with the number going up. These are all things you’d be doing when playing the game anyway.

Winning Tips

  • Timing and maintaining good momentum are the keys to every race, and for that, you’ll need a powerful car. Which you can easily acquire if you decide to use the Race Kings cheats.
  • You’ll need a lot of practice to be able to launch at the perfect moment. At the start of a race, there’ll be a three-light countdown signifying the start of the race. Slam on the gas when the light goes green, but ensure that this move is timed to perfection. Hitting the gas one second late will only get you a start that’s just Okay, and hitting it at any point before it goes green will immediately give you a false start. It’s always a good idea to be a bit cautious at the start and then make up for it with flawless drifts and corners.
  • To start your drift perfectly, hit the handbrake as soon as your car wheels go across the yellow line.
  • To exit the drift, ensure the drift needle is low on the blue as you approach the end of the corner/drift. Step on the gas so that you can go over the exit line before the needle enters the red zone. Timing is everything, but the more you practice, the better you become.

Game Upgrades

  • Whenever possible, you should spend your cash on upgrades. Ensure that you upgrade all the time because upgrading will increase your EDGE, which means you’re better than your opponent.
  • If you have an upgrade that could take a while to finish, start it up just before logging out. There’s no point using premium currency to skip ahead except when you really need to have an upgrade delivered instantly. Is exactly the same principle that we suggested in the article about the Asphalt Street Storm hack.
  • EDGE advantages undergo a reset when there’s a track change, for instance, when there’s a change in a regular event. Plan your upgrades for when a track change has just happened so that you can enjoy the extra EDGE for a while longer. Or just simply use the Race Kings hack and don’t worry anymore about planning ahead.


The events remind me a lot about Madden Mobile where they pretty much worked the same way. There’s also NBA Live Mobile that had the same kind of events. But that’s no surprise since both these games came from EA Sports. Participating was there very rewarding, just as it is here, with Race Kings.

  • Playing the main event daily earns you Blueprints, which are used for unlocking a new class of car without the need to spend gold. It all builds up and is just perfect as some kind of drip feeding content.
  • Enter every possible event. You can get gold even when you’re not top of the leaderboard.
  • Every weekday, an event requires a particular kind of car. Always go for such events and you may end up earning more gold on that day. That’s why by using the Race Kings hack you’ll be able to join all of the events.
  • At the very least, you’ll be having fun finishing races and earning enough to help you finish one or two objectives.
  • Check in on an hourly basis to get a bronze key which can give you free gold and it all adds up.

Back Down At the Right Time

When an opponent is too strong for you, then you’d have to retreat from such an opponent and there’s nothing disgraceful about that. You should always back down and go back to the Race Kings main menu. At the end of every race, you can decide to have a rematch with your challenger for double or for nothing. If you are aware that they have an EDGE that is greater than yours, then the best thing to do is back down, and come back better another time.

Never forget your flawless starts, practice the perfect turns, and always ensure you have a good EDGE. If you can master these three key pieces of the puzzle, then you should be racing like a Race Kings Pro in no time.

The Race Kings Hack Is So Easy To Use

This hack is totally safe because you’re not required to download apk mod files or any other types of files. Also, you do not require root or jailbreak rights, and your personal information is not required. All you are required to do is download the game and use the online Race Kings hack. It is very easy to use and works with both Android and iOS on any browser.

You already have a fair idea of what you can achieve with so much gold and cash, but the most important is winning other contestants in real-time. You’ll become a force to be reckoned with within a short space of time. Make nice pirouettes on the tracks, hit the gas all the way, surprise an opponent drift, and win the race! You can multiply your wealth such that you are able to buy any car of your choice. The more money and gold that you have, the better the car you’ll be able to afford along with the different level of race experience you get. Hutch Games made it difficult to achieve this level of freedom without spending cash.

Every time you visit the store, you get the opportunity to see something new and amazing. You also have a variety of colors to choose from for every car. And all these things are available to you when you have the money. So make sure you try out the Race Kings hack in order to buy anything you want and play anytime you want.

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