Pokemon Go Hacks and Cheats for Free Pokecoins on Android & iOS

Pokemon Go is available to download and play for free on Android and iOS. However, most of the in-game items are bought with Pokecoins, which are acquired using real money. Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions for this issue, but the most efficient one is using a Pokemon Go hack. So today I am going to share with you the most popular generator. By using it, you’ll be able to add unlimited coins to your account, which translates into unlimited eggs, stardust, incense, candy, and anything else that you can buy with Pokecoins. There’s plenty of other Pokemon Go cheats, but not all of them are reliable, that’s why you should be prudent when you choose.

This tool is rather new, and it was developed by a famous team of hackers. So far it has only been shared with a limited amount of players, but now it is becoming public. The best thing about it is that you won’t have to root, mod, jailbreak your phone. You won’t have to download anything either; not even a Pokemon Go Hack APK. Everything happens online, all that you need is a web browser. So you can use this generator on any device with any OS, be it Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows. The script encrypts the connection through one of the proxy servers, and that’s what makes it so secure. You won’t have to worry about your account getting banned as there haven’t been any cases with this tool so far. But if there will be in the future, I’ll make sure to update this article. Now, if you feel like you already know what you have to do, then you can access the website using the button below. Otherwise, you can keep on reading to learn more.


In the next section, I’ll list the instructions on using the Pokemon Go hack. Because even though it is rather easy, some of you might get stuck. Luckily another user created a series of steps to guide everyone who wants to use the generator, and that’s what I’ll be sharing. You can see below how an account with virtually an unlimited amount of coins looks-like. This is something that anyone can achieve by either spending a lot of money using Pokemon Go cheats. So let’s proceed to the steps.


  1. Access the link mentioned above;
  2. Enter the username or email associated with your account;
  3. Select the OS of your device(Android or iOS);
  4. Choose one of the available proxy servers. The choice should be based on your location;
  5. Choose the number of eggs and coins that you want to generate;
  6. Next is an optional step, you can either share the website or just click on continue;
  7. You may be asked to go through a human verification, but if you don’t want to do it then you can try again later;
  8. After doing all of the above, you should have the requested items in your account in a few minutes.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll have the coins and eggs in your account in no time. Make sure you wait a bit after using the generator and that you restart your game. If it happens not to work, you can either try again or check around the web to see if the cheat still works. The developers stated that they’ll be keeping it updated as new versions of the game are released, but you never know. Other than that, you shouldn’t encounter any other problems.

More About The Pokemon Go Cheats

Of course, there are other ways of hacking Pokemon Go, but as I mentioned earlier, they are not that effective. There are many emulators for the game on PC, and there are GPS, walking and joystick hacks. There are also multiple glitches and bugs in the game that anyone can abuse. But none of these can compete with a working Pokemon Go hack because free coins are the best thing you can get in this game. Below is a screenshot with a maxed out Tyranitar, to achieve such feat for even a single pokemon, you’ll need to either pour a lot of money or time into the game. And I’m pretty sure the average player doesn’t want to spend all day playing the game, but still intends to battle in the gyms. And that’s exactly what the Pokemon Go cheats are for; they allow you to enjoy the game without any extra effort.

So keep in mind these things now that you know how to hack Pokemon Go. Because once you do it, there’s no turning back, you won’t be able to revert things. And you may discover that you actually loved the “grinding” part of the game.

A Quick Look At The Game

If you have been a mobile phone owner in the last year or two and you are even a bit into gaming, I’m sure that you have tried Pokemon Go. Yes, that’s the game that caused enormous hype all around the globe. Nintendo’s release has been played massively, and it even caused some accidents because people weren’t paying attention while playing. Now the starting hysteria is slowly coming down, and perhaps it’s the perfect time for an honest review.

Why All the Fuss?

Let’s do some groundwork first. This is the first major mobile device game Nintendo released. The development team behind it is called Niantic, who once was Google’s subsidiary. Some of you who are more into gaming might remember the game by the name “Ingress.” That game was popular to its augmented reality (AR) features, and that is also the secret of its success.

The AR technology uses the camera of your phone as a type of a looking glass. You see the world around you just as it is, but the game places Pokemons over those images so that you have the feeling that you met a virtual creature in the real world.

There’s More Than Plain Augmented Reality

Niantic took things one step further by virtually placing you in the game thanks to the mapping technology provided by Google. You have an in-game avatar that presents you in the virtual world, and you can see the real map of your neighborhood, with all turns and sights included. Your avatar uses GPS to detect your location and, as you move around the area, the avatar is taking the same path on the screen.

That’s all cool, but the developers didn’t stop there. You probably know that the basic idea of Pokemon is to ‘collect them all.’ That’s exactly your task in this game; you will walk around the area you are in looking for different types of creatures and hunting them down for your collection. The beauty of the hunt lies in the fact that it’s both location and time-sensitive. For example, if you are close to the water, that’s the best place to hunt for some water-kind Pokemon. On the other hand, if you are on a grass surface, such as in a local park, there is a better chance to encounter grass-kind creatures. But there’s a downside to this if you’re looking to really collect all the pokemons, because some of them can only be found in specific locations. That’s why a lot of people choose to use a Pokemon Go GPS hack in order to acquire them, as they are unable to travel to those locations.

Can You Collect Them All?

There is a chance that you will catch more Pokemon if you are close to famous sights of your city, but time also matters. If you go on a hunt during the evening, you can encounter Ghost-type Pokemon, another type of creatures available for collecting. That being said, I should tell you that the game tries to offer considerably more creations during the day than in the late night, just to be on the safe side of things. The engine of the game uses your phone’s clock to figure out when the night is, so you might even try to trick it by adjusting the time in your settings. However, if you want some better Pokemon Go cheats and tips, keep reading.

How to Capture Pikachu?

The system that Niantic went with when it comes to catching Pokemon is a bit weird, at least at the moment. Once you are at a particular location and you notice Pikachu or one of his friends, you should turn to it and throw your Pokeball. If you throw it in the right direction, you will capture the little guy. However, if you miss it several times, there is a good chance he will run off and who knows when you might see him again. Aside from that, some stronger Pokemon might manage to break free from the Pokeball the first time, and you need to throw another one to catch them properly.

While this might sound exciting, it’s usually like that just the first couple of times, and after that, it comes down to a routine move of swiping. You can also use a Pokemon Go location or map hack to capture Pikachu automatically.

Train Your Pokemons

We are now coming to the coolest part of the game. Once you get ahold of it a bit (which, according to Niantic, happens once you reach Level 5), you will unlock virtual gym fights. Gyms are located in various locations across your area (usually familiar sights), and you have to be there to enter. Once you gain access, you will need to choose one between the blue, red, and yellow team. I selected the Pikachu’s one (not that it matters). If you notice that the gym is owned by another group, you can try to battle for it and claim it for you and your teammates. Which you can easily do by using a Pokemon Go hack since everyone has overpowered pokemons at this point.

Once you take control of the gym, you need to defend it. The more you manage to keep it from the rivals, the Prestige level will arise which will make it harder to conquer the gym. You can also increase the Prestige of a gym by taking part in friendly fights with your teammates. Again, the Pokemon Go cheats is best used here, in order to fend off everyone.

Battle against Others with Your Pokemon Army

The game not only allows you to collect these cute digital creatures, but you can also pit them against other gym leaders and trainers on your path to become the true Pokemon master. However, if you played previous installments in the franchise that features Pikachu and friends, you might have been used to turn-based combat. Here, the battles are different; you can tap the screen to perform a basic attack or tap multiple times to unleash a more powerful attack.

Unfortunately, the strategy element is somewhat diminished in the game because you can’t select your attacks, but the game does it for you. And it’s all based on the power of your pokemon, so the players who spent money or used a Pokemon Go hack will always be superior. The good part is that there is a defensive element within the combat system because you can avoid opponent’s attacks by swiping either way on your display.

Not Perfect, But…

Pokemon Go is far from being a perfect game. Although the developers manage to iron out most of the issues that caused crashing (and there were lots of them at the beginning), it still has some problems. These include the fact that it drains your battery, which is not that strange because it requires your location, camera, and internet connection to be active.

However, the safety issue is still the biggest problem. We’ve watched the news that people often had troubles because of trespassing just to find a Pikachu, which means that you need to pay attention where you are while hunting. It wasn’t uncommon for players to wander into woods or don’t pay attention to a busy road in front of them.

A Few Pokemon Go Tips & Tricks

Here are some other tips for Pokemon Go you can use when you are playing the game:

Make the most use of gyms – you can get a bunch of free items when visiting them

Keep the app open – if you want to increase the egg hatching time, try to keep it open even if you are not playing. And if you’re looking for more eggs to hatch, these can be easily acquired with the Pokemon Go cheats.

No need to collect the same creatures – there is no need to own more than one Pokemon of the same time. In fact, if you get a duplicate, you can trade it with Professor Willow to get candy. That way you can build a stronger team.

You should also consider visiting Rankedboost, which has in-depth information about each Pokemon on their website. Not only you can see the list of all the creatures you need to collect, but you will also read their strengths, weaknesses and other stats. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that it will discover potential spawn locations for each of the pokemons, so you can find out stuff like that it’s possible to find Pikachu on a railway. All the information was gathered by experienced players of the game, and it’s bulletproof. And as the last tip, I’ll let you know there’s no such thing as Pokemon Go Android Hack, all of the generators available work for both Android and iOS devices.

Final Words

We wouldn’t be honest if we would be blind to some of the problems that Pokemon Go has or had during its initial phase. However, the fact that it is approachable and insanely addictive is something that attracts thousands of players. You shouldn’t also neglect other advantages of the game, which are the fact that it stimulates your physical activity by making you walk while you hunt for digital creatures. Aside from that, the social experience is incredible, and you will get an amazing sense of belonging to a community while playing. It has its flaws, but you will oversee them as soon as you start playing. Make sure to try the game and start collecting them all!

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