NBA Live Mobile Beginners Guide to Mastering the Game Since Day One

When playing smartphone games, it is essential to get off to a good start. More often than not, the developers will explain the basics in a tutorial. However, they won’t tell you what move you should make once the tutorial is completed. Fortunately for you, we will do exactly that for all those NBA Live Mobile players out there! Here is a beginner’s guide that will assist in maximizing the progress during the first several days of play. Also, if you feel like playing dirty then you can check out these NBA Live Mobile hacks.

Strengthen Your Team

Since you installed this game, you are probably a fan of basketball. While NBA Live Mobile will give you the chance to pick your favourite team, you won’t start with the actual players within that squad. Instead, you will have a weak lineup that you will have to gradually strengthen by acquiring new players. Make sure to complete the tutorial to get at least a couple of solid ballers before you start moving your way up to the stars.

Get Familiar with the Game Modes

NBA Live Mobile offers several different modes. If you need a quick way to earn rewards and resources, you can consider the currently active challenges in the Campaign menu. There will be some events that are time-sensitive, and it might be wise to focus on them while they last.

You can also play the Season mode, although you will need to reach level 4 first. Seasons are an excellent way of grinding, especially when you have a weak team to face human players. In the Season mode, you play against several Ai-controlled rivals of different strength and unlock cool player packs on the way.

NBA Live Mobile Gameplay

Finally, there is a Showdown mode which serves to test your strength against human players. These “games” are turn-based, which means you will alternate between being on the offensive and the defensive end. Do not rush to enter this mode as real-life opponents are experienced and strong. Focus on AI modes and strengthen your team first.

It Is All about Timing

If you want to be successful in NBA Live Mobile, you will need to be successful on the offensive end. In other words, you have to score a lot of baskets, and the best way to do that is to master shooting. Keep in mind that there will (usually) be 24 seconds to shoot. During that time, you should set up an offence and pick the player who has the most chances of scoring.

While you should pay attention to the player’s statistics for long-distance shots, timing stills play a crucial role when shooting. The white circle should be ideally in line with the bigger one – that is when you should release the button to have the maximum chance of scoring. There are a couple of tricks you can use to maximize your chance ever further, you can read more about them here.

Understand How Things Work Off Court

Each time you are successful in a challenge, showdown, or season, you will receive rewards in the form of the in-game currency and card packs. The latter can be used to form a set which you can later trade for a competent player.

You should also visit the Auction House regularly as that is how you can build your all-star team. There are two things you can do via the auctions – buy and sell players. When buying, there is a search filter you can utilize to find the player that ideally suits what you need. In the beginning, you want to look for players that do not have any currently active bids as they will be easier to acquire.

Once you strengthen your team enough and actually have players that are unnecessary, you can sell them in the Auction House to get the funds required to buy better ballers.