Micro Machines Hack Tool – New Cheats For Gems & Coins

Micro Machines is a racing game where you control toy cars with the goal of going through the finish line in front of your opponents. The game was developed under the agreement of Codemasters and Chillingo, the studio you probably know from the Angry Birds or Cut the Rope series, which was recently acquired by the Electronic Arts. It is free to play (freemium), and you can download it from Google Play or App store.

Because of the freemium model of the game many players are upset. Compared to what they had in the previous old style game this new one is full of purchasable content. For example, if you want the best cars and upgrades available you are going to pay up with real money. If such a simple game has so many paywalls, then how does a player have fun at all? Well, we do have a solution even though it is temporary and you are going to need a daily dose of it.

We decided to share some of the most popular Micro Machines cheats. These allow you to get both coins and gems, even though you might only need the gems to get what you want and speed up the upgrading process. In the following paragraphs, we’ll go through the tool mechanics and show you how to use it. Later we will try to find out whether the game is worth your while and whether it manages to keep up with the good reputation of the series.


The Micro Machines Hack Tool

As I said, I’m going to explain the mechanics of these Micro Machines cheats. First of all, it’s an online platform, one that does not require you to download anything on your PC or phone. Neither it has you root or mod your device using APKs. Instead, you are going to access a backend server feature that will allow the generator to add the selected number of resources to your account.

To do so, you will start off by making sure you know the platform you play the game on (Android, iOS, Windows, PS, Xbox, Linux) and what is your in-game username or e-mail used (Google e-mail, custom username or so). Next, follow the step by step instructions below. These are pretty straightforward and require no computer knowledge (except for browsing a website which you already have).

Instructions on the Micro Machines Cheats

  1. Enter your username or e-mail that you use in-game.
  2. Choose a proxy server (preferably the one closest to you).
  3. Select the number of coins and gems you want.
  4. Complete the anti-robot verification.
  5. Check back in-game after 5 minutes to enjoy the gold & gems.

That’s all you need to do to get everything to unlock the latest cars and upgrades. Tip: choose the largest packs available on the website since you never know when this generator ceases to work. We consider this to be the best way to hack Micro Machines no matter the platform you play on.

A Short History Lesson

Before we move on to the review of the latest game, let me give you a quick lesson about the history of the franchise. The first game appeared in 1991, and it was developed by Codemasters, the same studio that is behind the new title for mobile devices. The original Micro Machines had great success due to its unusual premise of offering us the possibility to become the best driver of the toy cars we know and love. We drove our favorite vehicles across the memorable tracks, such as a kitchen table or a desktop, and felt an enormous amount of pride when we managed to finish a track without falling off it at least once.

Ever since then, the game had its versions for over ten consoles, but the latest one was over a decade ago when Version 4 was released in 2006. Fortunately for all fans of the franchise (and the famous Hasbro toy vehicles), Codemasters decided to resurrect the series. Apart from the game for iOS and Android, we also have a Micro Machines World Series game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Tiny Car Racing Just the Way You Remember It?

Let’s get one thing straight – I’m a big fan of the Micro Machines. Having grown up at the right time, I had the privilege to play the original game and enjoy driving (or trying to drive) familiar tiny cars through household environments. Even if you grew up later than me (or you are currently growing up) and didn’t play any of the franchise games yet, you’ve surely had tiny car toys that at least remind of the vehicles made by Hasbro. That means you surely understand why getting to race small cars in the virtual reality is an engaging concept.

That being said, I had mixed feeling when I finally got to download this game. On the one hand, I wanted it to be good and take me back to my childhood. At the same time, I was afraid that it would completely ruin my memories and the opinion I had about it. The result is that the game is somewhere in between. It’s a solid free to play a racing game, but it falls short from being a great hit.

Memories From the Original Game

When you first start the game, you will get the feeling that you went back in time. The original game featured a semi-3D graphics with the environment you can interact with. I was thrilled to see that the developers decided to go with that original charm and bring us an enticing game where your goal is to win races across the household tracks. Not only you will need to be smarter than your opponents, but you will have to watch out not to fall off the track. Spilled milk, books you have to jump over, and other obstacles only make things harder.

What I didn’t like is that I noticed right from the beginning that I’ll have to put in real money in order to really enjoy the game. And that’s the reason I decided to write this article, in order to share these Micro Machines cheats with the ones that feel the same way.

I Feel Like I Miss a Joystick

The game starts with a tutorial that will explain to you the basics of the game and where everything is located. If you expected a plot of some kind, then you are looking in a wrong place. Instead, the game quickly puts you on track to the task of being the fastest of four opponents on a tabletop course. Your vehicle accelerates automatically, and the only thing you need to do is to steer your car. There are two steering buttons on the sides of your screen, the button to go left is on the left and the one to go right is (can you guess it?) on the right. You might think that this is simple, but considering that you can fall off the track and hit different objects, prepare yourself for a challenge.

Powerups That can Turn the Game

During the race, you will encounter power-ups you can use against your opponents. The problem is that your rivals have those same weapons at their disposal and they can’t wait to use them against you. There is a pretty much standard variety of power-ups you are used to having in this type of games, such as boosting your speed, placing a bomb behind yourself or using a gun to shoot the vehicle in front. The good thing is that the only Micro Machines hack is for gems and coins, nothing else. So you won’t be seeing overpowered players in-game.

You activate a power-up by clicking on the action button located right above the button for steering right. The controls are intuitive and responsive, so it won’t take much time to get used to them. However, if you’ve ever played Micro Machines on PlayStation, there is a chance that you will feel like you are missing a joystick to enjoy the game properly.

Tired of Racing? Head into the Arena!

There are two game modes available in the game – racing and battle. I described the racing in the previous section, so let’s focus on the other way of playing. Battle mode puts you into the arena against three different opponents with the task of getting the most points by smashing them as many times as you can (Demolition Derby, anyone?). You can do this either by running up into them from afar or by firing the power-ups. When the timer runs up, the vehicle with the most points wins the match. Hacking Micro Machines can get you the best cars, which can be a big advantage when you enter the arena.

Upgrading your Cars

Each time you finish a race or a battle, you will be awarded coins and gems, which are in-game currency Micro Machines uses. The higher place you win, the better rewards you get, so it’s in your interest to always be number one. You can spend them to see your mechanic and upgrade your vehicle across four categories – health, damage, speed, and handling. Health will help you endure more hits during battle while damage will help you inflict more harm on others. Speed and handling will be more useful during classic races and will secure that your vehicle doesn’t behave like it is on ice all the time. That’s what makes the Micro Machines cheats so useful, the wide variety of uses for the premium currency of the game.

Unlock Tracks & Build Cars

Aside from upgrading the wheels you currently have, you can construct new vehicles by acquiring all the parts needed. Each vehicle (at least in the first couple of tiers) has four different parts. You will randomly obtain parts from packs you get when you win the race or a battle.  As you progress through the tiers, you will also unlock new tracks. There is a total of 21 courses available to test in the game, as well as dozens of vehicles, so it will take some time for you to unlock all the upgrades. So generating a couple thousands of gems using the Micro Machines hack can really improve your experience.

The good news is that you can always play the game for free and there is no need to wait. There is only one condition – the game itself will choose the mode you are going to play in. If you want to choose by yourself whether you want to race or battle, you will need to pay a certain amount of gems or wait for some time between playing.

The Social Component

The social element is an ever-present thing. Considering that the game is multiplayer by default, you will need a valid and reliable internet connection to play it. Aside from the fact that you are always playing real-life opponents from around the world. You can also join a club and even represent your country. Getting involved with a club will bring you additional rewards for group performance, or you can alternatively watch some videos to boost your in-game currency. Or simply use the Micro Machines cheats, which requires less effort and time and can get you the greatest “rewards”.

Unfortunately, the game suffers from that significant problem many freemium games have (especially the ones made by anyone related to Electronic Arts). For example, although you can earn a lot of coins, you only have five wrenches to upgrade your vehicle. After that, you can choose to wait or buy some wrenches. The fact that you randomly get the parts will lead to you having a lot of extra things. But you will regularly miss out on that one part needed to finish building the new vehicle. Sadly, only by putting in money or using the Micro Machines hack you can overcome this situation.

Final Words

Micro Machines manages to capture the atmosphere the franchise used to have, but it also has its shortcomings. While the racing and battle modes are exciting, you will unlock new vehicles and upgrades at a slow pace, which can make the game a bit annoying after a while. With Micro Machines, everything is simple, so don’t expect a deep game in any way. Instead, if you are looking to make a short break with a fun racing game, you can’t go wrong with downloading it from the app store.

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