Free Coins And Megabucks: Megapolis Hacks & Cheats 2019

Megapolis allows you to build your own city and to manage it. You can build literally anything you like and create any city you like. There is a catch. In order to get the ability to construct all the buildings, you need coins and megabucks. They are in-game currencies which can be tricky to obtain. As such, your progress will be limited and you will need to play for a long period of time in order to get the ability to construct the buildings you actually want. With the Megapolis hack, you can construct them right now.


Megapolis hack tool gives you free coins and megabucks

The game features two currencies. The first one is coins and they are considered as standard currency. You get the coins from the taxes your residents pay, from completing missions and getting achievements. However, the game gives you a low number of coins and in order to get a lot of them, you need to play every single day and waste your time on specific missions for coins only. This was an issue for most gamers who don’t like the additional requirements the game has to offer.

Megabucks are premium currency in the game and it is even harder to get unless you use Megapolis gems cheats. The premium currency is accredited to your account when you log in, every single day and when level up. But, it is mandatory if you want to construct more advanced buildings and reach even higher levels. Luckily there is a simple way you can use to obtain both currencies.

Megapolis hack is here to help you. Now you can simply enter the username you use, choose the number of coins and megabucks you want and click generate. They will be created virtually just for you and added to the account within seconds. After that, you are free to log in back to the game and use the currencies. This comes in very handy as the guys at SocialQuantum created a very addictive game that makes you want to spend money on premium currency every single time you open it.

Understanding how the hack tool works

We could say that the hack tool is based on 256-bit encryption and that it uses SQL II injection protocol which is complicated to actually explain. On the other side, we can provide a simpler explanation. The hack tool uses several methods to operate. The first one is the ability to penetrate the firewall of the server where the game is located. Then, it will locate the game’s file with your username, change the value of the coins and megabucks which is present in the file and exit. The entire process takes just a couple of seconds. Megapolis hack tool works with all versions of the firewall and the game.

Once completed, the resources will be added to your account instantly. You can use them straight away and enjoy gaming more than ever before. It is so simple that you can use the hack tool with a smartphone and still get the resources within seconds.

We have mentioned that the Megapolis online hack is encrypted or it uses 256-bit encryption. What this means is that when you enter the username, hack tool will save it temporarily in order to locate it on the server. In order to unlock or decrypt the hack tool, you need a specific password. This isn’t something you can do or something that administrators of the game can complete. That’s why the hack is safe to use. It simply eliminates the possibility of anyone obtaining the username in the hack itself.

The safest of all Megapolis hacks ever developed

It doesn’t have to be explained but it deserves your attention. The hack tool we presented you here is 100% safe to use. It is impossible for anyone to locate it or to link the hack to your user account and limit it. In other words, you can use the hack tool a countless number of times and you can get free gems whenever you want. It is so simple and so effective that you can enjoy the free gems without worrying about being banned.

The latest version of the hack is already online and it has been properly tested. It works with all versions of the game and it can’t be detected by administrators or the firewall of the servers. For you, this simply means free gems in an unlimited number as often as you like. In addition, this hack features anti-ban technology of the modern generation.

Using the hack for the first time

Some of you may have used Megapolis cheats and hacks before, but others haven’t. If you are one of them, you will want to know how to use the hack tool properly and how to get free resources. The entire procedure is extremely simple and you don’t need advanced knowledge. Your only mission is to follow these steps.

  1. Locate the hack tool
  2. Enter your username
  3. Enter the number of gems you want
  4. Choose the platform
  5. Done

As you can see the entire process can take up to 5 seconds. You need an internet capable device such as a smartphone or tablet or a computer and nothing more. Make sure to select the right operating system. You only have two options, Android and iOS. This refers to the operating system your smartphone has. Even if you make a mistake, don’t worry. Repeat the process from the beginning and you are done.

Playing Megapolis is so much better with free gems

Thanks to the hack tool, you can get free gems in any number you want. This allows you to construct any building you like, to create a city you want and to enjoy more than ever before. The only other way you can get the same benefits is to use real money and actually purchase the coins and megabucks. No matter if you are an Android or iOS user, these Megapolis cheats will definitely save you a lot of money in the long run.


Megapolis hack is here and ready for you. It is based on the latest anti-ban technology and it comes ready for iOS and Android devices. You need 5 seconds to get all the coins and megabucks, you will ever need. After that, you are ready to start building a city you always wanted to have.