Lords Mobile Hack – New Cheats To Gain Gold & Gems

Strategy games are flooding the mobile market in the last couple of years. To be honest, it’s not the easiest thing to be a reviewer when you have to try a bunch of games that are just not worth your while. Just a small portion of them turns out to be interesting. Fortunately, Lords Mobile is one of them. It’s the latest release from IGG (I Got Games), who also developed Castle Clash. Their latest attempt is Lords Mobile, a game that is a combination of a role-playing title and real-time strategy in one. Let’s try and reveal if they did a good job.


We Do Need a Tutorial, but Not Like This

Every good mobile game will start with a tutorial, and Lords Mobile is no exception. If you ask me, making a guide that will introduce you to the in-game world is always a good move by the developers. However, it’s crucial that you keep things concise and straightforward. Those are the terms that IGG didn’t look up in the dictionary. LM had a ridiculously long tutorial which will pull you away from the game instantly.

The beginners’ guide in Lords Mobile requires you to dig through dozens of menus and do things the way game meant it for a long time. Let me illustrate that by showing you how the tutorial looked for me. Everything started with going through some menus that prepared my army for the battle and taught me a bit about the gameplay mechanics.

Fewer Words, More Action

I was looking forward to seeing how the combat looks like, considering that it’s a crucial part of games of this genre. I am thankful to Lords Mobile that it allowed me to watch the battle action unfold, but I wasn’t able to influence it in any way. There was no direct participation from my side, which bummed me out.

The thing to follow wasn’t much better either. The game took me back to menus and required me to do some more clicking. It was the usual upgrade mechanics that consisted of opening a menu, pressing the adequate button and speeding up the process by using the free resource given solely for this purpose. If there weren’t for the instant upgrade, I would have to wait for a while for the improvement. As you can assume, timers are a major part of Lords Mobile.

Let’s All Upgrade to Something Better!

And when I say that, I try to think of something better than Lords Mobile. During the tutorial, I have upgraded so many buildings that I can’t remember the exact number. I can’t even tell you the types of the constructions I improved because I forgot to pay attention after a couple of them. Yes, I’m aware that it should be my job, but that’s how lame the tutorial was.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m completely aware that clicking to upgrade structures and waiting for timers is an integral part of many strategy games out there. It’s the guide I have trouble with; Lords Mobile could have let me discover something by myself. Explaining the principle once or twice was more than enough, it wasn’t necessary to do it a dozen times.

Do You Have Patience for Lords Mobile?

If we are going, to be honest, I would probably quit the game before the tutorial ended if I was trying it for myself. However, I wanted to write about it, so I pushed through the guide somehow. Lucky for me, I must say because Lords Mobile turned out to be a pretty fun way to spend your time!

The credits for me using a positive adjective for the first time in this article go to Hero fights in Lords Mobile. Each army in the game is led by a hero, which a player can collect. You can have multiple heroes in your army so that you can face tough enemies. However, you can also send your heroes on side quests that are also pretty enjoyable.

Side Quests Are Perhaps More Fun than the Core Game

When you go on a side quest, you select which heroes you will take and take enemies one wave at a time. Battling them is not an easy job, and it will require you to use specific skills and abilities that particular heroes have. The combat is real-time, and it overall looks darn good.

When you complete a side quest, you will get a reward in the form of loot. You can use the prizes to upgrade your account (level up yourself as a player). That will enable your heroes also to improve, which will unlock tougher enemies for you to face and make the game a bit more complicated.

It Was Worth the Effort

I got to tell you; I certainly did not expect to end up enjoying Lords Mobile after a boring tutorial that went on for ages. The fact that the game thrilled even though I was already pissed at it is worth double points if you ask me. So, let’s talk more about the Hero mode, the best part of this free release.

First of all, hero fights take place in real-time. That means that you can make an influence on what is happening on the battlefield. You have special abilities of your heroes to use, and you need to choose to take that advantage at the right moments carefully. I can’t believe that IGG didn’t see what a gem they have in this side mode.

City-Building Is Still Present in Lords Mobile

For those of you that wonder about the city management part, everything is just like in other games. You live in a town based in a multiplayer world, and your goal is to make it the biggest, strongest and prettiest. It’s not an easy task, and it will require a lot of patience because you will have to wait out a lot of timers. That is unless you don’t want to invest real cash.

You should also prepare your defence and check out how your neighbours are progressing from time to time. Aside from attacking the neighbouring cities, you can also get attacked. That is why it’s not a bad idea to focus on constructing your defensive lines first to secure your posts. If you want to upgrade more quickly, you should consider using the pay-to-win formula. However, if you don’t want to invest real money, take a look below to find Lords Mobile cheat tool.

Lords Mobile Hacks and Cheats

There is an online hack generator for Lords Mobile that will secure you unlimited resources and add them to your account in just a couple of minutes. Gold and gems are two in-game currencies, and you can get infinite amounts of both if you use this cheat tool.

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How Does Lords Mobile Hack Work?

There is a website called CyberDogsOnline where a hack generator is located. Once you visit it, you should follow a couple of simple steps to add unlimited resources to your account. Here is what you need to do:

  • Connect the generator to your account by entering the username or e-mail you use in the game and selecting the platform that you use
  • Once connected, select a proxy server and then choose the amount of gold and gems you want to be added to your account. Click generate and start the process

It will only take a couple of minutes before you can enjoy Lords Mobile completely with unlimited gems and gold in your account. You shouldn’t worry about a thing because using this tool is perfectly safe and there is no way that the developers can figure out that you are cheating.

Why Should You Use Lords Mobile Cheat Tool?

Here are several reasons why you should consider using it:

  • You want to enjoy Lords Mobile and use the game to its fullest potential
  • You want to get the upper hand over your neighbours by quickly building a reputable city and army
  • You are tired of getting defeated by people that are paying real cash (or using the hack tool)

I think that should be enough to convince you to try the Lords Mobile hack and see its benefits for yourself. Once you have unlimited resources in your account, take a look at the Online Fanatic’s in-depth guide to help you learn where it’s best to invest.

Final Words

Lords Mobile is yet another typical game in the mobile strategy genre. The elements of city management and battling neighbouring armies are there, and they are the same as in dozens of other releases. However, there is one thing that sets Lords Mobile from the crowd. It’s the Hero mode, which offers side-quests where you need to use your heroes’ skills and your strategy.

Considering that it’s a free to play game, you get plenty of content with Lords Mobile. It’s worth to give the game a shot and see if you can become the most dominant army in the neighbourhood. The game is available for both Android and iOS, and you can download it from their respective app stores.