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The good thing about the hack tool is that it gives you access to top pilot robots like Galahad, Fury, and Griffin without spending a dime or wasting time to get them. The hack tool smoothens the process for you while you sit back and enjoy the game.

Although there are various models of War Robots cheats on the internet, just a few of them work. So getting one that will get you unlimited access to gold would be hard. The best you could get is gimmicks and tips to get you a few bars and then you have to pay for the rest. If that’s the case, why not use our War Robot hacks while it’s still available?


War Robots Review

Created and published by Pixonic, the renowned Russian game developer, War Robots is a freemium (having free and premium features) mobile application game that features MMO mode live PvP battles. In this game, players control a huge robot situated on a real-time battleground and have the choice to decide whether to play on their own or to engage other players as a team.

Team battles are usually done with six players on each side and in situations where players for a team are not complete; the game automatically adds other players to fill out the team. The game also provides a variety of maps that allow a player to utilize various strategic points to defeat the opposing team. These maps include industrial areas, snow/space stations, desert, city maps, ruins, etc.


War Robots operates on a live multiplayer system. When your preferred battle is chosen, the game then automatically scans for other players you are to combat. When the battle is about to commence, both the player’s team and the opponent’s team, each of which have six players, are placed on both sides of the battle map. The player then has 15 seconds to pick his/her choice robot from the ones available (You could get more bots to choose from if extra slots are unlocked with your in-game gold). And if you want to start the proper way, you have to either spend money or use the War Robots hack. After this, the game commences.

The whole essence of the game is to get hold of beacons strategically located in different areas on the map and to do that, players on a team have to wrestle with the opposing team while at the same time try to get their robot close to the beacon. If a member of the opposing team is anywhere near the beacon, the beacon becomes inaccessible. By the side of the timer at the top of the screen is a bar that depletes as the game advances and the team with the least collected beacons will have its bar drained faster. Hence, the more beacons collected; the fuller the bar and the slower the depletion rate.

Battles And Winning Conditions

The battle can be won in three ways. First, players can drain the opponent’s bar by getting more beacons. Second, players can ensure that they have a fuller bar than the opposing team at the end of the game. Third, players can destroy the opponent’s robot all together even before their beacon bar or the timer runs out. And the ones with the better robots always win. That’s why the champions are either the ones with money or the people who found some working War Robots Cheats.

Due to the fact that the game developers appreciate the concept of “esprit de corps”, whenever a player gets disconnected during a team battle, the game automatically replaces such player using its matchmaking system. Note should be made that the War Robots game isn’t solely a multiplayer/team game. It also has a solo mode (where a single player is involved against an opponent) and the boss fight (where a player gets to battle with the boss). Now, in order to assure victory against every boss, you’ll have to use a War Robots hack that has no survey. This will allow you to get all the gold that you need for free and properly upgrade your robot.

Player Ranks

Every player in the game has a rank and can buy preferred robot parts, battle suits, weapons and many other products at will.  The game’s customization feature is pretty diverse thus enabling players to create unique combinations of their preference. As with other games, promotion in rank is automatically done as the player advances.

More so, as with the commonly used mobile titles (particularly those on the freemium model), advancement and other products can be harnessed faster if bought with in- game gold. This is where the War Robots hack comes in. By using the cheat to have access to unlimited currency, you are sure to get every possible item at will and stay winning.

War Robots Currency

War Robots has three kinds of currency: Gold, Silver, and Workshop points.

Both the Gold and Silver can be acquired via battles. However, for a player to earn Gold, such player has to have done one of these three things: (i) been victorious in a battle (ii) garnered the highest number of beacons in the winning team (iii) been one of the top 3 of the victorious team.

The game also gives allowance to earn silver coin 50 times faster and to earn experience by buying the Premium or VIP version (this upgrade is, however, temporal).  Players can also earn Workshop points and Gold coins by completing pre-set objectives like getting a particular amount of beacons or annihilating a certain number of enemy robots. When the first Walking War Robots hack came out, the reward system was the same. And that’s what made people go and look for tips and tricks on getting free gold.

Workshop Points

When a player attains the level twenty, he can start purchasing Workshop points with Silver or Gold or earn them. A player can also use the Silver coin to buy and upgrade weapons and robots. It should be noted that these currencies have their own specific weapons for purchase or upgrade. For instance, some firearms and robots can only be unlocked or purchased using Workshop points or Gold. But these can be easily acquired using the Walking War Robots cheats.

Only an upgrade to a weapon or robot is allowed per time, but this can be sped up using the in-game currencies. The price of particular upgrades and robots, however, increases as the game advances. Players can acquire Silver and Gold in-game using the purchase window. While silver can be bought with Gold; Gold can be bought with money. Or you can simply generate it with a War Robots hack apk.

Customized to Perfection

There are 24 different robots at a player’s disposal. These robots come with their advantages and disadvantages, so it is advised to choose one that works best for you. Overall, speed and resilience are factors to look out for when picking a robot and remember that in-game currencies can be earned either by playing or by cash (which is, by the way, faster).

The War Robots makes available a wide variety of battle suits and each suit comes with its own variety of weapon at the player’s disposal e.g. ballistic missiles, energy guns, and plasma guns among others. A player then chooses the set of weapons and suit that works best for him or her. Although the game focuses on individual player development, it also gives room for interaction among players. The War Robots hack can also help you here because it will allow you to test out all the available builds and find the one that fits you. And since it requires no download an works online for both iOS and Android, why not give it a chance. It is way better than wasting time on the War Robots wiki.

Audio-Visual Makeup

Regarding graphics, the War Robots game aces it. Even though its texture would not pass for the best, the real life simulated sceneries of the game make it worth playing. And unlike contemporary cartoon. Its audio effects are also real, and no, you don’t need a top-notch device to play the game. An average specs phone can get you in the war zone.

Its creators most likely chose to go with not so great graphics, because a single round usually involves twelve players (6 on each side) and that makes for a whole lot of effects. Enhancing the visuals could diminish performance even on the best devices. Maintaining such speedy gameplay and amount of players without issues is good enough. A stable internet connection is all a player needs to enjoy the game.

War Robots Hack Tools Running Online

With some efficient War Robots cheats, you would have all the silver and gold bars you want in a couple of minutes. Then you can select weapons and robots you want to use for a test run. The best hack tool is undetectable, safe to use and available online- there’s no need to download it. And I am pretty sure the one I’ve shared here today is a good one. That’s because it comes from the creators of the 8 Ball Pool hack and the Madden Mobile hack.

Summarily, this mobile game is suitable for those who fancy robots and action. Please note that this game might be inappropriate for kids as their mind might get juggled up with the game’s complex system. Looking for a new game or you want something thrilling and challenging to keep you engaged? War Robots is what you need, and guess what, you can practically get it for free.


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