You might think that golf is boring, but I remember several golf games I loved, such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Mario Golf. Although touchscreen devices seem perfect for a game like this, I still haven’t played a great golf game on mobile. Can Playdemic’s Golf Clash fulfil the expectations and become the number one game of the sort on the market? We shall find out in the following article, where we will also talk about the Golf Clash Hack.

The game is as simple as it can get and there lies the beauty of it. As soon as you start the game, it will take you through a tutorial where you will learn how to play. The gameplay mechanics are pretty simple. You will first see an overview of the course and select the appropriate route for your ball. Naturally, you won’t be able to get a hole-in-one – it will take at least 3 or 4 shots to succeed. Now, the biggest downside of it is that, just like most of the games, is pretty much asks you to spend money. And that’s the reason for which we’ll be talking about ways of acquiring gems and coins for free.


A Glance at the Golf Clash Hack

Below you can see exactly what these Golf Clash cheats can do. If it were to buy all those gems and coins, you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars. But not when there are things such as this generator available online. All it takes is a few minutes and a couple of clicks, and you’ll have more than you can spend. This process is completely safe, and there are plenty of players who already used this. It is way better than spending money on something that you might not still play in the future. With new games regularly coming out, you never know when you’ll find something that you like more.

So if you want to properly play the game without having to spend money, then use the button below to access the Golf Clash Hack. The entire process takes place online so you won’t have to download anything. It works for pretty much all mobile devices that run on Android or iOS and it is free to use. Just make sure you do not abuse it, as the servers may get overloaded.

The Game

Once you determine the route and how far you want your ball to go, you move on to the Take Shot screen where you will try to execute the shot. You need to adjust the desired power by pulling the ball back to the target that you will notice at the bottom of the screen. The place where you get maximum power is clearly marked, so there is no need for any guessing. However, if you want a more powerful shot, you can pull back beyond the sweet spot.

The trick is that it is much tougher to control more powerful shots. Once you choose the desired power, you will see a target with a moving needle which you need to stop as close to the centre. The needle would move much faster if you chose more power for the shot. Depending on the area where you stopped the needle, your shot can be perfect, great, good or even sliced or hooked. Once you stop the needle, the ball is released. After that, the only thing you can do is pray that you’ve done everything right.

Not everything is simple

Aside from your tactics and timing, the wind also influences every shot. The direction and the strength of the wind change for every shot. That means you will need to make sure to take them into account. Perfect shots are only influenced by the wind, while badly controlled attempts can easily go in the wrong direction and end up in a sand trap or the bushes.

While you may want to get more power for the first shot, you should be very careful with the subsequent shots because you can easily underestimate how far the ball will go. Once you are close to the hole, the controls change for putting the ball. The logic pretty much stays the same because you will need to pull the ball for power and align two arrows for precision. The wind is also there, and the only difference is that you have a trail on the grass to show you the trajectory of the ball. When it comes to game mechanics, they can only be altered by using something like a Golf Clash hack apk.

Right into the golf course

After going through the tutorial, Golf Clash immediately pits you against an opponent so that you can see how a match looks like. There is no need to feel nervous because the first opponent is actually a bot and it is only there to boost your confidence. Once you get your first win, you will be able to play against real opponents from around the world.

Each match in the Golf Clash is the same. You play only one hole against a single opponent, and the winner is the participant that needs the least number of shots to get the ball in. If a draw occurs, the game takes you to a shootout where you will have one shot to get the ball as close to the hole as possible.

Golf Clash Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

It’s very likely for players to search for all kind of ways to acquire free gems and coins. That’s because, after the first couple of hours, when better clubs show up, they realize that they’ll never be able to buy them. Unless, of course, they put money into the game. But make no mistake, there aren’t many ways of getting currency besides using the Golf Clash Hack. So stop searching for some very well hidden secrets, because you won’t find any. The best thing you can do is to start testing all the methods already available, see what works and what doesn’t.

The matchmaking system

Aside from playing online matches, you can also play against your friends. Which might be a good way to practice for a bit, especially considering that the game doesn’t give you that chance. The lack of training mode (and the option to play offline) might lead you to look like a fool on the course in the beginning. It can be especially frustrating when you realize that a single mistake often decides the matches. In fact, once you reach a certain level of experience, the chances are that the majority of your games will head to a shootout, where even a portion of yards can decide the winner.

The important thing to note is that there are no connection issues while playing. The game is pretty popular, so there are thousands of players online every moment, but that doesn’t cause any problems. But when you see that your opponent is disconnected, that is because he left the game and forfeited the match.


However, the matchmaking system could be a bit better. The game uses the number of trophies you won while playing to determine your ranking and then matches you with an opponent. However, after getting four victories in a row and being very proud of my 12 trophies, I faced a guy who has 56 trophies and obviously far more matches under his belt. As a result, he used his experience to beat me and stop my winning sequence. Every loss costs you coins and trophies, this means that without coins you won’t be able to play in whatever tour you want for as long as you don’t spend money, farm them or use the Golf Clash Hack.  The point is that Playdemic could improve the game’s pairing system to make matchmaking fair.

Gameplay is king, graphics not so much

Golf Clash gives you the opportunity to test yourself on various tours (11 at the moment, but I believe they are adding new ones as we speak). Each of the tours requires a certain number of coins to pay upfront as an entry fee. If you win the match, you double that amount. Each win also earns you trophies, which are used to increase and determine your rank. The harder the tour, the more awards you receive. However, you can’t play the starting tours forever because they have limited number of trophies you can win. But what you can use forever is the Golf Clash hack, no restrictions. Use it whenever you want, and whenever you need.

Treasure chests

Winning also gets you treasure chests which bring coins, diamonds, upgrade cards and other useful items. The chests can be wooden, silver, gold, and platinum and the higher their rank, the better awards you can get. However, the chests can be opened only after a certain amount of time. So you will have to be patient to get your upgrades (or speed up the process by using the in-game currency). The coins and gems are two in-game currencies that can be used for buying new clubs and upgrading existing ones, as well as for buying individual ball packs. There is a lot of clubs and balls to unlock, and you will need them for advanced tours.  When it comes to getting these chests, you can use the Golf Clash cheats to generate gems and buy as many as you want.

This chest system was straight out ripped from Clash Royale, but that’s no surprise. There are many games that copy elements from it hoping that they’ll have the same success.

Unlike the gameplay, the graphics could use a lot of improving. Although the user interface is rather nice, the graphics in matches could and should be better. The textures are bad and the nature you see on the course, such as trees, is extremely low-detailed. The sound gets a bit repetitive, and you will probably get tired of hearing “perfect!” each time you place a successful shot.

Final words

The strongest suit of Golf Clash is the addictiveness you develop once you start playing. The controls are simple, but even a little mistake can lead to losing the match, which adds an incredible amount of tension. There are a lot of tours to participate in, as well as a lot of options for upgrading, so you will have a lot of stuff to do in the game.

The game also comes with a couple of significant drawbacks – the lack of offline gameplay and sub-par graphics and sound. Fortunately, great gameplay, smooth controls and the fact that it is addictive caused the game to overcome these issues and make it worth trying. The game is free and available on both Android and iOS.


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