Homescapes Guide – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Hacks You Need to Try

Homescapes is another game from Playtrix that offers the successful formula implemented by Gardenscapes. Your task is to help Austin the Butler renovate his childhood home and prevent his parents from selling it. The game offers hours of fun through numerous match-3 levels. However, some levels are harder than the others. You might even get stuck at a particular stage, but don’t worry. We’ve made a list of the most popular Homescapes cheats, hacks, tips, and tricks. By using these you’ll no longer have to struggle each time you get stuck at a level. You can use the button below to access the hacking tool. If you want to learn more about the other game cheats, then you should keep on reading.


Homescapes Cheats and Hacks

Let’s start with the most powerful tool out there – the online cheat that adds unlimited coins, lives, and stars to your account. If you are all out of lives and you want to continue playing, this is the perfect hack for you. Also, if you are stuck on a level and you could use a boost regarding stars, this cheat comes to your help. Having such a Homescapes hack tool at your disposal means that you can improve your experience with the game without having to spend real money. It works on almost any device with iOS, Android or Windows, even older generations of iPhones and iPads, all that you need is a web browser.

You will see that the process is rather straightforward – just work with the sliders to adjust the resources you want and click generate. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to enjoy unlimited lives, coins, and stars and use them any way you like. This is bound to become a very popular game on all the mobile devices. Which means that this game cheat might not work in the future, since the developers will take action against it. So make sure you use this Homescapes hack now, while you still can.

Mod APK with Unlimited Lives and Coins

Thanks to the guys from CyberDogsOnline, you can also download an APK that was modified to provide you unlimited coins and stars. That can significantly improve your gaming experience, considering that you don’t have to worry whether you have any money left or if your life meter is empty. There is no need to wait half an hour for a new chance to play that level that was bothering you. The download link will be available later on their website. Until then, you can make use of the Homescapes hack shared here.

If the story of the game impresses you, but you are not exactly a fan of match-3, why not watch a story walkthrough? That way you can enjoy all the adventures that Austin is going through without the need to even play the Homescapes games. Perhaps it’s a better feeling to complete the levels, but this is a quicker method to see what happens in the story.

Beginners’ Tips and Tricks

If you are not fond of using any hack cheats to progress in the game, at least take a look at these Homescapes tips and tricks for beginners:

Always Look to Create Power-Ups

Power-up tiles can be incredibly helpful at any level. That is why you should always look to create them as it might propel you into completing the stage with a single move. Here is the list of power-ups you can form in the game:

  • Rainbow Ball – a replica of the color bomb from Candy Crush that can be created by matching five tiles in a column or row. You can then swap it with any tile to remove all other tiles of that color from the board
  • Bomb – making an L shape out of matched five tiles creates this power up. Activating them blows up the area in two-square proximity. To maximize their power, avoid using them at the edge of the board
  • Rocket – you get this power-up by matching four tiles in a column or row. If you matched them in a column, you could activate a missile to swipe the entire column, and the same applies for rows
  • Paper plane – making a square out of same-colored tiles creates this boost. By activating it, you destroy a neighboring tile in all of the directions, as well as one random tile on the board

There is another thing you can’t afford to forget. Combining two power-ups creates an even more powerful boost that can create considerable damage. That mainly goes for matching rainbow balls with other boosters as it can bring strong points.

Would You Like to Redecorate Again?

When you first added that armchair, it seemed like a fantastic fit. However, once you installed the bookcase and the carpet, you realize that it was the wrong move. Fortunately, Homescapes allows you to change the furniture you previously added. You do this by tapping and holding the item that you want to change for a couple of seconds. When the pop-up appears, you can choose between three different options for that piece of furniture. It will cost you a small amount of money, but it will be worth it. Then cheats tool we shared here becomes very handy when it comes to this. Decorating exactly the way you want can be very pleasing.

Oh, and while we are on the topic of money, it’s interesting to note that you will be earning around 60 coins per level. There will also be some bonuses along the way, and you can connect your Facebook account if you ever need a boost. Despite all that, it’s always a good idea to save money for rainy days (levels where you get stuck).


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