Guns of Glory Hacks, Cheats, and Tips – Become the Greatest Ruler

While it might not be as popular as some other mobile real-time strategies, Guns of Glory definitely has its loyal base of players. It managed to secure that by making use of the existing genre concepts in a proper way. GOG might not offer anything new, but the familiar RTS formula works flawlessly.

Do you want to build various structures and upgrade them to the highest possible level? Perhaps you enjoy researching new technologies and utilizing them? Or you are more in favor of investing in the military and making a strong army? All this is possible in the game released by Diandian Interactive. But did you know that it is possible to cheat the game and play with unlimited resources or skip boring timers? If that is something that sounds tempting, read our Guns of Glory hacks, cheats, and tips guide and start enjoying the game’s full potential!


Can You Defeat the Evil Cardinal?

The devious Cardinal killed the King and assumed his throne, which you didn’t take as good news, especially since he framed you for the murder. You managed to elope and swear that you will take away the Crown of Destiny from him. However, to do that, you must build your own kingdom and an army ready to face the Cardinal. That will take some time and effort and while constructing your kingdom, you can expect plenty of other things to happen along the way, including monster-slaying, battling other players, and researching new technologies.

Now, we think that was enough talk about the game. Let’s move to what you really what to know and that is how to get unlimited funds and secure infinite fun in Guns of Glory!

Guns of Glory Android APK Hack

The crucial thing to pinpoint here is that this hack will only work for Android users. That is not a reason for iOS owners to be sad because we have something in store for them below. For now, we will focus on Guns of Glory APK hack for Android. The way how this works is quite simple – knowledgeable programmers managed to figure out the game’s code and adjust the odds in their favor. The result is a modified installation file or mod APK with several vital changes. For example, the one we linked will secure you unlimited funds, as well as some other interesting in-battle advantages that we won’t discover.

The process of installing the hack is completely the same as when installing any other game. The difference is that you won’t download it from the official store, but from the link, we provided above. Once the installation is located on your phone, just run the file and install the game. Make sure to erase the original version of Guns of Glory if you have one because you will now be playing this one.

Guns of Glory Online Cheat Tool for iOS and Android

As we mentioned, this is not one of those situations where Android users have an advantage. There is a Guns of Glory hack tool that works for all operating systems, including iOS. This hack will work for adding unlimited gold to your game regardless of the platform you use. A thing that may better even more to you is that there is no download whatsoever, which means that you do not have to be afraid of any file harming your computer.

Here is how the GOG online cheat software works – once you head to the website you will notice a screen where you will have to enter some basic information. You need to pick the operating system you are using and enter your in-game username or the e-mail that is connected to your phone. That’s the hard part, while the easy thing to do is to choose how much gold you want to be added to your account. You can choose anywhere from 500 to 15,000 but we suggest to keep things low so that you ensure to pass under the radar. If the developers notice suspicious activity (a lot of gold in your account at one), they might ban you from the game. The good news is that you can use the Guns of Glory cheat tool as many times as you wish, which means that you can keep adding the amounts that you need.

Guns of Glory Tips and Tricks

Finally, here are some other tips and tricks that you can utilize while playing Guns of Glory. These are particularly vital if it is your first time playing the game because we have tips that will speed up your progress and secure you a place among the top players quickly.

Take Your Time to Master the Game

There is a reason why you have a mission set available at the beginning of the game. The developers do not want you to tackle real-life players immediately, so why would you? Instead, focus on the missions to learn how everything works. Once you learn a thing or two, your chances for victory will increase when you encounter real opponents.

You Need Alliances

There are people that do not like social aspects of games, but you can’t escape the fact that alliances are important in Guns of Glory. In fact, they are a crucial thing when it comes to accelerating your progress. However, you will need to be careful and choose the right one for your kingdom. If you really want to dedicate to the game, find a group of players that will be equally dedicated.

Log in on a Regular Basis

You will get rewards for being regular in Guns of Glory. The developers are awarding players who log in every day with different prizes. While you are there, make sure that you are not wasting any time. If you have a building constructed, immediately check whether you have the resources to upgrade it further. Some timers are quite long and, if you do not want to use hacks and cheats, you cannot afford to waste any time that you can spend building!

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