Golf Battle Hacks, Cheats, Tricks is a developer that has been delivering impressive casual games for almost two decades. Their newest addition is Golf Battle, which puts you against other players in exciting live sessions filled with high-paced action.

While the game is extremely addictive, it also comes with the familiar flaws for a freemium game. At one point, you will realize that you cannot enjoy it to the fullest without extra resources which cost real money. But what if we learn you how to exploit the game? Take a moment and check out our Golf Battle hacks, cheats, and tricks!

Golf Battle APK Mod Hack You Have to Try

The first cheat that we will present is the Golf Battle Android APK mod hack. In case you do not know, an APK file is actually the installation setup file for Android-based games. What you need to do is to find the hacked APK and download it to your phone.

Once it is on your device, run the installation file and let it do its job. Remember, you can’t have the game already installed on your phone, which means you must delete all the previous versions. The installing process will finish in a matter of seconds and you will be able to run the game. While you are playing, you will notice the maximum number of coins and gems available. Regardless of how much you spend, the amount will reset to the maximum again.

It is the biggest advantage of this hack – installing the APK mod once is enough to unlock unlimited resources as long as you play the game. However, its drawback is that it is only available for Android. If you are looking for a simpler hack that will also work on iOS, keep reading!

Unlimited Coins and Gems for Golf Battle – Online Cheat Tool

The Golf Battle online cheat tool is a way to hack the game without downloading any files. In fact, you do not even have to touch your phone since everything can be done online via your PC. You will, however, need to access the unlimited resource generator and invest a couple of minutes to complete the process.

Once you enter your username or e-mail, you need to pick the desired system and the number of coins and gems to generate. As you can see, the amount it not technically unlimited but considering that you can get 100,000 coins and 100,000 gems by running the cheat tool only once is still tempting. After clicking generate, the hack will do its work. When it is done, just exit the game and enter again to see the resources in your account.

Yes, it is that simple to use this Golf Battle online unlimited coins and gems generator. It will work on both Android and iOS. Although anti-banning scripts are applied to the hack, keep in mind that you should avoid running the tool too often as you may be detected by the game administrators.

Golf Battle Tricks and Tips for Newbies

Golf Battle is one of those games that is simple to learn, but tough to master. Since you need to think and act quickly, the chances of making a mistake automatically increase. However, if you take advantage of the tips we offered below, there is a good chance you will become a master of the game and improve your victory percentage.

It’s Not Always about Power

Yes, sometimes you have to hit the ball as powerful as possible, but other times not everything is about distance. Imagine playing a level with narrow or moving bridges. Here you need to aim properly and have perfect timing. In some situations, hitting the ball with too much power only means that it will end up in the sand or out of the field. So, make sure to include the element of accuracy and planning into the mix as that is the way of paving your road to victory.

You Have Plenty of Time in the Classic Mode

In the Rush mode, you need to be extremely quick, but when you are playing Classic, there is usually enough time for strategizing. It may seem deceiving when you see six players at the same time and the balls flying around, but don’t be fooled. You can think for a second or two to come up with your best move. These couple of extra moments may give you the edge in the end. Just don’t take too much time as you will risk getting timed out and you don’t want that to happen.

Project the Trajectory and Estimate the Angle

This is particularly important in levels that have sharp edges, curves, and unusual obstacles. Although Golf Battle is an arcade game, the truth is that physics laws are implemented fairly well. Use common sense when playing and take a quick moment to observe the course and the potential trajectory of the ball. If using the wall can help you get nearer to the hole than shooting the ball straight, that is what you should do.

Learn from the Best

This is a good advice for everything in life and playing Golf Battle is no exception. While playing with five other people simultaneously might divert your attention easily, there is also a lot to learn. If you are having troubles with a course, check what the leaders in your match are doing. Try to copy your moves or simply remember them for next sessions. However, also ensure to give your best not to let other players disrupt your concentration, especially when preparing for an important shot.

Don’t Go on the Course without an Adequate Club

You may level up quickly, but it may take a bit more time to upgrade your clubs and unlock new ones. It is essential not to get tempted going to a more complex course without proper upgrades as other players will destroy you and you won’t have a chance. Make sure to make the most from chest unlocking and free rewards offered with the daily Lucky Shot.

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