Use The Clash Of Kings Hacks And Cheats To Gain Free Gold

With over 65 million downloads reported and a VIP system with over 20 levels, it is no wonder that so many developers started working on Clash of Kings Hacks. The demand for such tools is enormous as everyone wants to play the game without being restricted. Getting to the top without putting money into the game is impossible. That is why we are sharing this generator with everyone, as it can get you unlimited gold for free. The process is straightforward and we are going to list the exact instructions in this article.

Everything runs online, so there is no need to download anything. You also don’t have to do any kind of apk modding or jailbreaking. All that you need is an internet connection. Then you can run the generator straight from your mobile or desktop browser. This method is way more efficient than any other tips, tricks or guides. With these Clash of Kings cheats, you’ll be able to get as much gold as you want, whenever you want it. It is also very safe so that you won’t expose your account to any risks. The developers worked very hard to make it as safe as possible because that matters the most. They also said they’d be keeping the tool updated as the game progresses. So chances are this will still work in the future.

You can use the button below to access it, or you can continue reading to learn more about it.


Advantage Of Using The Clash of Kings Hack Tool

Acquiring gold takes a lot of time, time which you can’t spend progressing if you don’t have the resources. Being the King of your realm, you need to find effective ways of getting more resources. Here, we are not advising you to use real cash to attain more gold as the availability of Clash of Kings Hack will get you all the required resources at rapid pace. The tool mentioned here is not only easy to use but it also has the best user interface to offer. Interested candidates can just make use of the generator without any confusion.

In general most of the hacks demand you to download and install something, but here you have an online generator. You are not downloading any software on the gaming device thus making it possible to eradicate concerns related to viruses and malicious codes. Once you see how easy it is to hack Clash of Kings, you’ll regret you never did it sooner. It is all about finding the right program, as it will do most of the job for you.

Instructions For The Clash Of Kings Cheats

  1. Access the tool using the button above;
  2. Enter your COK username or email linked to your device and select your operating system(iOS/Android);
  3. Select the proxy region;
  4. Enter the amount of gold and experience that you need;
  5. Complete the human verification if prompted to do so(it might be a survey);
  6. Wait for the tool to complete the hacking process;
  7. Restart your device, and enjoy your free gold.

Application of the Clash of Kings cheats is pretty convenient and result oriented. In order to get the best out of the hack tool, just use it once in a day and avoid the scam tools that demand downloading and installation.

Is It Clash of Clans 2?

There is a high number of war strategy games, and more of them are making way to the mobile market every day. That makes it incredibly hard to choose the ones that are actually worthy of our time and offer innovative and fun enough experience to keep the players’ attention for more than a couple of hours. One of the games that managed to set itself among the best is Clash of Kings, a massive multiplayer online strategy game developed by Elex Wireless.

Let’s make a couple of things straight immediately because a lot of people have been asking me the same questions. If you are a fan of war strategy mobile games, then you’ve undoubtedly played Clash of Clans, a real gem of the genre made by Supercell. Although they have some similarities, Clash of Kings is not a sequel, nor it’s in any way connected to COC. The other question is related to A Clash of Kings, the second book of the Song of Ice and Fire series written by George RR Martin. Aside from the fact that they are sharing the same name, the game doesn’t have anything to do with the Game of Thrones series or its author.

You Are the King!

Okay, now that we cleared up these dilemmas, let’s move on to what Clash of Kings is. It is one of the best games for all the genre lovers out there. The game starts with a tutorial that will explain you the basics. COK uses familiar game mechanics of the genre, so the players that have played other real-time strategy games will easily get accustomed to it. New players also shouldn’t have any issues in discovering how to get around the game, since the tutorial is very clear. The game shares some aspects with Dragon City and Monster Legends. They are all based on building a city and training or breeding an army.

The Single Player Campaign

After you complete the tutorial, you will start a single-player campaign in charge of your very own kingdom, which you managed to take back from the invaders. Although COK doesn’t specify who the conquerors were, it doesn’t seem relevant to the game’s plot. The only important thing is that you are left with a devastated city that needs to be completely reconstructed to recover its old fame. You will begin with a pre-built castle that only has a weak wall protecting it, and your goal will be to expand your territory while defending it from the invasion of other kingdoms in the neighborhood.

The game will help you during the first few steps by suggesting what you should do next (make sure you don’t confuse this with the tutorial, which itself is pretty short). A small amount of fortune will be at your disposal at the start, and you can use it to build spots for generating resources or construct defense structures on the empty plots. As you gather resources, you will get materials to build other structures and upgrade the existing ones. You can also train your troops to be equipped to attack other kingdoms or defend your castle. The way things work is pretty simple and straightforward – train, build, upgrade, expand, defend, and repeat. Right from the beginning, you’ll notice how useful gold is and why using a Clash of Kings Hack does the difference.

Time for Battle

Once you feel that you have explored the surroundings enough and learned how Clash of Kings works, it’s the perfect time to start your first campaign and test your war skills against other players from around the world. Those of you who are into fighting on the battlefields will be glad to hear that this might be the best part of the game. Player versus player action is entertaining and hitting first may get you a significant advantage. However, you need to carefully choose who to attack because more experienced players are very aware that defense is the backbone of any solid empire. That’s right – you will need to ensure reliable defensive structures to survive in the cruel world of Clash of Kings. On the other hand, the scout function may help you to gain insight about the enemy and make a smart decision on whether you should attack them.

As you progress through the game, you will realize that you can’t do everything alone. Clash of Kings has a social component involved and it treats alliances as the core of the game. That is why it is important to build and cultivate a relationship with other kingdoms. Considering that the game is MMORPG, it’s only natural that multiplayer battle is primarily involved in the campaign. Your allies may help you to build your structures quickly and even provide additional troops when you need them. But the most help you can get is from the Clash of Kings Hack. When you are attacking a particular kingdom, you can ask for help from your allies. The alliance feature is fantastic and enables truly large-scale battles to occur on your mobile screen.

Upgrading The Kingdom

Between battles, you will have to upgrade your army further. As you could expect, Clash of Kings is a time-based game, which means that generating resources will take a certain amount of time. For example, a basic militia unit takes around 4 minutes to upgrade, while some other complex buildings and upgrades will take more time. If you are impatient, you can always invest some real money and speed up the process to make your kingdom stronger in a shorter time span. It’s the basic freemium concept of mobile gaming – you will get the full version of the game for free, but if you want to progress without having to wait for a long time you will need to make in-game purchases. Or just use the Clash of Kings cheats, which will get you more gold than you can buy.

While the gameplay is straightforward but addictive, the developers focused a lot of their attention on visuals. As a result, COK graphics are detailed and attractive, making you feel like you are really in a medieval fantasy world. Militia units all look magnificent, as well as the buildings you can construct. It is a very nice feeling to watch your army grow on the sides of your empire as you train additional units. The sounds also fit nicely into the game, although the music could be a bit better, considering that it is pretty repetitive. The developers could have included entire tracks instead of 30-second loops that you need to listen again and again. The combat should also have a bit more variety when it comes to the sounds, which is a shame because they could contribute to the overall impression of a huge battle going on.

Final Words

Clash of Kings is widely regarded as an improved version of Clash of Clans. It is true that Elex Wireless did a great job with this game. Everything fans of this genre may expect is here. You can build and upgrade different units and buildings, form strong alliances and get into some truly large-scale battles as you expand your kingdom and climb the leaderboard.

That being said, COK seems to be the game made only for the fans of the genre. While the experienced players will notice some subtle differences that do make it better, average gamers will have a feeling like they are playing any of the war strategy games available on the market. And that’s one of the reasons they go searching for Clash of Kings Hacks. Overall, it is a good game that delivers exactly what was expected and not a thing more. Innovation or two could have helped to make this game truly excellent, but the developers fell short in that area. Regardless of that, COK is worthy of your time if you are a fan of the genre. The game is free to play and available on both iOS and Android at their respective game stores.

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