Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Hacks, Cheats, Tips and Tricks For Gold

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is one of those games that leave me feeling glad that cheats and hacks exist. There is a way around the unfair monetization system that FF 15 offers and I will share it with you in this article. The logic that Epic Action applies is simple – they make you addicted to the game by giving you resources to start. Once you get hooked, the well becomes dry and you have to pay to continue playing at a reasonable pace. The problem is that, at this point, many players feel invested into the games and it’s hard to stop. And that’s the reason they usually turn to Final Fantasy XV Hacks when they have no more money.

According to the statistics that you can find online, players have spent over $200 on a single purchase within Final Fantasy A New Empire. That just goes beyond my reach because you can get some incredible PC games for that money (if not the entire FF series). Like that’s not enough, the game also has banner ads that show up frequently and generate even more income for the creators.

The developers didn’t want to risk a penny of their earnings, which is why you will also be bombarded with bundle offers. So if you want to get out of this vicious circle, this is your best chance. You can access the Final Fantasy XV Cheats using the button below. You can also keep on reading in order to learn more about this tool, along with other tips and tricks.


Into The Final Fantasy XV A New Empire Hack

My personal feelings aside, it’s a fact that Final Fantasy 15 is among the most popular games in both app stores. So there are a lot of players looking for alternative solutions to paying big money to continue playing it at a reasonable pace. And for all these players, the most efficient would be to make use of the Final Fantasy XV A New Empire Cheats that are available on the internet. You can see in the screenshot below how a hacked account looks like.

The Final Fantasy A New Empire Hack will secure you a boost of gold whenever you need it. Considering that the gold is regarded as the premium currency, it is the fundamental thing that will keep you going and enable you to build a grand empire. There is no reason to watch others outrun you in the race for the best kingdom just because they can afford to pour some money into the game. You can level the playing field and secure yourself a high chance to succeed in FF 15.

If You Want Enjoyment, You’ll Have To Pay

Everything starts off nicely when you first begin playing the game. It seems that you have a lot of resources. You like the game and, once it asks you to leave a 5-star review, you do just that even though you’ve only spent minutes playing it. These tactics apparently work, considering that there are thousands of 5-star reviews for it (and about the same number of 1-star ones).

However, if you keep playing, you notice that you will run out of resources rather quickly. Final Fantasy XV is not friendly to players. Not only you will use up your resources, but you will also face some annoying delays because it takes a certain time to build any unit. Virtually everything runs on time, and you will hit a wall early if you don’t invest. That’s why you’ll need either working cheats for Final Fantasy A New Empire or a lot of money in order to properly enjoy the game.

Nothing More Important Than Gold

There are various resources available in FF XV, and you probably know some of them from Game of War, if you ever played it. However, gold is the dominant currency, and you can use it to speed up everything. For example, you don’t have to wait for annoying timers; just use some gold and accelerate the process of building that structure you desired for a long time.

You can also use gold to increase your energy and acquire a lot of advantages. In this game, nobody rejects gold and owning it is like having all other resources in vast quantities. And there’s really no better tips and tricks than hacking Final Fantasy A New Empire. The only hard part is finding a working generator. Everything else is piece of cake, as you’ll have your gold in just a few minutes.

How to Use Final Fantasy A New Empire Cheats?

There are a bunch of generators available online, but the one we shared here is pretty exclusive. If you want to hack your game in an easy way and without the need to download extra files, you just need to head to that page and follow the instructions. They are pretty simple; you merely need to enter the data and connect your account to the Final Fantasy A New Empire Hack and then select how much extra gold you want. Becoming more powerful in FF XV is that easy!

Other Tips to Succeed

If you don’t want to use a hacking tool, we have some tips you can read that can help with achieving success in FF A New Empire. For example, PocketGamer has prepared an in-depth guide on the buildings available within the game. Here are some other general tips you can use:

  • Try to complete as many quests as possible – especially if the game itself recommended you to finish them
  • Find yourself a guild – clans are a usual occurrence for this type of games. As for this one, they can help you gain extra gold and other gifts from other members
  • There are benefits if you connect your Facebook account – the advantages are twofold; you can gain access to a gold mine and, if you refer any friends, you can earn a whole bunch of other rewards

There are many more tips and even complete guides on the internet. But even so, nothing outmatches a pair of working cheats for Final Fantasy A New Empire.

A Short Review Of The Game

It’s hard when you get a game that you were looking forward to and find out that it didn’t live up to your expectations. That is exactly the case with Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, the latest spin-off of the series available for Android and iOS. Let’s take a look at where it all gone wrong and why Epic Action discredited a reputable brand with its latest release.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that I’m an incredible fan of the series. I like the franchises that keep on lasting even though they were first created when I was a child. During its two decades of existence, It had some incredible and some decent titles, but I’m just not sure that this mobile game fits in either of those categories.

Square Enix made an agreement with Epic Action LLC to work on this game. You might remember them from releases like Mobile Strike and Game of War (that’s the one that featured Mariah Carey and Kate Upton in its ads). The decision to hire celebrities for the marketing campaign was a smart move that generated a turnover of billions of dollars for those two games.  Perhaps that is where we should be looking for a reason why Square decided to hire them. Because that was NOT a smart move.

Attract the Whales, Who Cares about ‘Regular’ Players

Research on the effects of an aggressive mobile gaming campaign conducted by Slice Intelligence concluded that Epic Action’s games were above average when it comes to the amount players spend on free-to-play titles. The reason lies in the celebrity endorsements, which had the goal of making games attractive for whales, players known to spend a bunch of money on in-game purchases.

That’s the approach that was tried with this FF game. After all, I’m sure that you’ve seen the game on the front pages of the App Store and Google Play Store, as well as that you’ve noticed an ad somewhere online. Let’s keep it between us, but some reviewers were paid to write some nice stuff about it. And because of this, all the other players that do not have money are forced to look for Final Fantasy A New Empire Cheats in order to get gold and keep up with the others.

I’m going to Keep It Real

I didn’t expect much from A New Empire, but I still downloaded the game. After playing it for half an hour, I came to a simple conclusion – it doesn’t deserve to be a part of the franchise. That being said, it’s not that it’s a bad game. In fact, it’s a combination of Mobile Strike and Game of War. If you look at it from that aspect, it is a solid game, but nothing more than that.

The game starts with a short tutorial that could be a bit more explanatory. Although you will get used to the vast number of menus and submenus quickly if you have experience with the genre, new players might have some trouble. The core of the game is completing quests, which are divided into several categories. Aside from the quests that you can complete yourself, some of them will require you to join a guild. The good news is that clan quests offer you extra bonuses, so the social part of the game can be an integral part of why you succeeded.

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire is a classic game of building your army and city with implemented basic combat system. Just like in hundreds of similar releases, you progress through the game by first exploring new things and then constructing them. Each of those actions takes certain resources and time, so you’ll end up either paying or searching for a Final Fantasy A New Empire Hack.

Final Fantasy XV Compared to Other Games

Let’s summarize everything now. In short, if you like the games where you are building your army and city, and you don’t mind the timers and scarce resources, this one is perfect for you. It reminds us of the most successful games in the genre and the formula it uses already achieved success on numerous occasions.

That being said, FF XV just doesn’t fit with the rest of the franchise. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that it’s an entirely different genre (this is not the first time something like that is happening). But it has to do with the fact that Final Fantasy games offer far more depth than this one does.

You will encounter some familiar characters on your path, but even they don’t feel like they fit into the game. Their tone is generic, and I just couldn’t relate them to the personality that I know they have in other releases of the franchise. The only reason why it feels like being a part of this renowned series is the fact that the game uses familiar characters and artwork. Also, the only way to play it is by either pouring money in or using  Final Fantasy XV A New Empire Cheats.

Final Words

FF XV A New Empire is an entertaining game as long as you enjoy this particular genre. However, if you are not a fan of army building games, there is no use if you love the FF lore and the franchise because you will be left disappointed after testing it. It’s a shame that this seems to be the first game in the series that has no charm.

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