Design Home Hack Tool: Cash And Diamonds For Everyone

Some games tend to hit the overall market, and there are the ones that focus on a particular group of players. That is precisely the case with Design Home, the new simulation game coming to us from Crowdstar. If you find yourself constantly thinking about how you can redesign your living room or office, it is the perfect release for you. However, if you don’t consider yourself a fan of interior décor, you probably won’t get a lot from Design Home.

The game idea to make money is the most wanted thing for ladies that love decorations. House fashion items are among the most bought items in the world by women. Now, they have the chance to use virtual items which are way cheaper than normal ones to test their design tastes. Once they know an item is going to look great in their room, they will buy it in real life too. Unfortunately, since the game maker needs to make money too, the featured items cost way too much money. If you find yourself in the situation to need more diamonds, then you are on the right track. We want to recommend you a Design Home Hack which will help you bring your dreams to reality (well, virtual reality at least). This online tool is proven (see screenshot below) to hack this game to get you access to the most expensive items.


What Is Design Home All About?

Like I already mentioned, it focuses on a simple premise of rearranging interior décor. While some might think that it seems that virtually anything can be used as a theme for a mobile game these days, it’s an incredibly original idea. The community agrees with that, too, which leads us to a conclusion that wannabe designers around the world needed something like this.

Design Home offers an extensive range of furniture pieces available. The twist is that all the furniture comes from real companies (there might be a bit too much of it from Katy Kuo brand, but who am I to judge). Your goal is to use the pieces available to you and create an as beautiful room as possible. Aside from furniture, you also other covering at your disposal and you have the hard task of making it all match on a limited budget. The only problem with the game is the big price tags of the items. That’s why many players rely on hacking Design Home.

Solve Different Challenges and Create the Prettiest Room

The game doesn’t stop at only giving you a room and asking you to decorate any way you see fit. You will have different challenges depending on the level you are at. You will have various furniture pieces to use for each task, including coffee tables, sofas, picture frames, and so on. You might think that it is a piece of cake, but when you add the style factor to the calculation, it becomes difficult.

The items you place in the same room need to fit with one another. That is something that you can’t always achieve on a limited budget. There are in-game currencies you can use to purchase furniture pieces, but most of them are rather expensive. That’s why you should try to hack Design Home and acquire them for free.

Compete Against Others and Be the Judge

There is far more than you can notice on first sight in Design Home. As you complete the levels, you will unlock new pieces of furniture that offer you more possibilities and bring new challenges. However, the competition part might be the most interesting section of this interior décor release.

Once you are satisfied with the design of the room (as much as you can be with the budget you have at your disposal if you don’t use Design Home hacks listed below), you put it up online so that the other people can vote on whether they like the design or not. Depending on that, other players will decide how good a designer you are on a scale of one to five stars.

How Can You Vote?

The game also allows you to vote for other people’s rooms. In fact, it encourages this because you will be earning the keys you need for unlocking new levels by voting. The keys are collected per every five votes you cast.

The voting system goes like this: it offers you two rooms decorated by different designers and you need to select which one you think looks better. Based on that, you will give positive points to one of the creation. The same model is used when people vote (or not) for your décor.

Logging in Every Day Is Worth Your While

The game also offers you new challenges on a daily basis. They can bring you some fresh new furniture pieces, which is why it’s worth your while to play Design Home continually. However, it’s a shame that the developers didn’t develop the community part of the game more. Unfortunately, there is no way to communicate with other players. The only thing you can do is vote after you’ve seen their creations (you can’t even explain your decision when you feel like that’s needed).

That might not be a bad thing because it allows the player to focus on room design and decorating it the best way possible. If you are a beginner to the game and you’ve never played it, carefully read the next section and pay close attention to the instructions for the Design Home cheats we talked about.

Design Home Tips and Tricks to Become a Successful Designer

The road is not easy for wannabe designers even when they want only to succeed in a game. Design Home comes with its fair proportion of challenges, which is why we are offering you some advice that will secure that you are pushing through them and becoming a successful decorator.

Save Money in the Beginning

It might seem that you have almost no items in your catalog once you first run the game. However, the early challenges are not that hard, which is why you should focus on keeping your money and using what you have. It might not be the brightest idea to go with the most expensive items in the catalog (even though they might be the best fitting). If you have a cheaper option at your disposal, go with it and save money for later. Alternatively, there is always the possibility of using Design Home cheats to generate the cash or the keys that you need.

Notice What Designs Get High Marks

Each level has a particular theme and requires you to follow and create a design for it. That means that there is no need to buy heavy leather things for a minimalistic room. Although you might think that you will be better rated if you pack the room you are designing with things, that might not be the case at all times.

While you are voting, pay attention to which designs have an excellent rating. Try to analyze why they have higher scores than the other rooms. You will notice that complementing colors can get you a long way, as well as some other things that might be useful.

Unfortunately, that does mean that you can’t be too much creative if you want to get high ratings. However, if you don’t care about what others have to say, you can always go with the style you like. Oh, and if you need some inspiration, you can check out designs made by top-rated players within the game.

Design Home Requires Patience

It’s a tricky task to generate enough income, which is why you will need to invest a proper amount of patience (or some real cash). You should always make sure to reap daily rewards you get from logging in and make smart purchases. However, there is an alternative way that secures you to generate unlimited diamonds for Design Home. They are the premium currency in the game, which means that there is not a single furniture piece you can’t buy if you have enough of diamonds.

Design Home Hack For Unlimited Diamonds

Since you are still reading this article, I will assume that you are interested in finding out how to use the Design Home cheats to unlock any piece of furniture that you want. So let’s not waste time anymore, I’ll list the instructions to the generator below.


  1. Access the hack using the button at the beginning of the article;
  2. Enter your username and select the OS of your device;
  3. Select a proxy server in order to secure the connection(choose the one closest to your location);
  4. Select the number of diamonds, cash, and keys that you want to generate;
  5. Press the “proceed” button and wait for the process to complete;
  6. Enjoy the free resources you got!

At this point, you should already have all the resources you requested into your account. If that’s not the case then you should wait a few more minutes. Chances are the server is overloaded and it processes the requests at a slower rate. The developers promised to keep the Design Home hack updated for the time to come. So you should always find it working, at least for now. That’s pretty much all that you need to know in order to successfully use the generator.

Is Design Home Worth Your While?

Let’s come back to the beginning of the review where I mentioned that it is not intended for everybody. It all comes down to what type of person you are. If you like decorating interiors and renovating rooms to make them more attractive, it is the ideal game for you. It is also perfect for all those dreaming of having their own home to decorate but lacking finances or space. However, if that is not your cup of tea, there is a good chance you won’t like this game.

Using the Design Home hack and cheats shared here, you can create your perfect room today. All the pieces of furniture in the game are replicas of the real things, making things even more enticing. There might be some downsides to the release, such as the fact that there is no backstory or that you can’t communicate with other players, but it’s still a game worth trying if you are into designing.