Design home is a game that can be treated as the training course for those who are interested in being décor designers. It is intuitive, complicated game with countless options. But, the fun you can get is simply endless. Of course, as most games today, there are in-game currencies, but they are more important in this game than in the others.

Design Home: The Basics

The game places you in the shoes of home designer. As a designer, you will have to make rooms of the house look stunning and you will have to use purple and blue elements. Blue ones must be used, while purple items are optional. Playing the game you will also unlock new items, be able to use them for new rooms and you will be able to create stunning homes.

The in-game currencies are cash and diamonds. They are obtained when you complete a level, when you rate others, log in and in several other cases. Sadly, all of these ways provide a very little of in-game currencies so you may need to look for an alternative. We can help. The answer is a simple Design home hack tool that is proven to be very useful.

Using the Design Home Hacks for the First Time

The tool is designed by gamers who are same as you. They wanted to play the game without any limitations and they want to reach the highest level as soon as possible. The common way for that is to pull the credit card out of your wallet and buy in-game currencies. It isn’t an option for most gamers. That’s why a few of them have been working on the hack tool that will make the entire process so much easier.

The hack tool will add cash and diamonds to your account in the game. If you have encountered hack tools before you will understand how easy it is. As a matter of fact, it only requires a few steps. They are:

  1. Enter the username
  2. Enter the amount of cash you need
  3. Enter the number of diamonds you want
  4. Confirm

As you can see, within minutes you can get cash and diamonds accredited to your account, without a need to use your credit card. Adding the currencies will transform the game into something so much better and you will be able to experience the all-new type of gameplay.

Now you can make any room precisely as you want and you can reach higher levels within the game within hours. Without the hack tools, you are going to need months.

It is Safe, 100% Safe Actually

Some of you will worry about should they use the hack tool in the first place. You may be detected and your account will be deleted. Actually, there is no need to be concerned. We tested the hack tool on 26 accounts and we tested it for each account 124 times. Not a single account was suspended. Here is a more detailed explanation.

The game in question is designed so users can purchase the currencies and add them to their accounts. In order to do that, you will enter the credit card number and confirm. The hack tool is capable of doing the same thing but without using a credit card. In other words, it will trick the game so the servers think you have used an actual credit card. There will be evidence added which is actually a false credit card to the equation, so the entire thing will be almost legal.

If we know that the game developers like seeing gamers purchase the items and the currencies, we can believe that they may even give you something for free. Once again, it isn’t possible for the game administrators to detect the hack tool. The only way would be for them to disable the in-game currency purchase and then to look for users who ‘’bough’’’ cash and diamonds.

Use It Every Single Day if You Want

The hack tool we were able to discover is safe to use, as you know by now. It can’t be detected and it can be used by absolute beginners. All of this suggests that you can use it as many times as you want. There are no limitations and the hack tool will stay 100% free all the time. Regardless of where you live, how long you play the game or which level you are at, the hack tool will boost the gaming experience to another level.

It is irrelevant are you using the hack tool one time for adding highest amounts of cash and diamonds or using it multiple times by adding lower amounts. It is free, easy to use and you get the ability to complete the entire process within seconds.

We should point out that the hack tool we presented doesn’t require your password or anything like that. If you recall, we mentioned that all you need is the account name and the amount of cash and diamonds you will need. Once you add them to your account, wait for a couple of minutes (if the hack tool servers are over busy) and enjoy in the game. Never provide the account password if it is required from alternative sources. They are probably scammers that will steal your account or compromise it.

Final Word

The hack tool for Design home is a simple thing that can help you achieve all you wanted for a year, in just a few seconds. There won’t be any limitations once your account is loaded with cash and diamonds and when you can design any room precisely as you want. The tool is 100% safe to use (we checked and we tested as we have explained at the beginning) and it can’t be detected. Enjoy the perks and recommend the tool to other players who have trouble with the game and who are almost unable to reach the highest levels. It can be your little secret that transformed the game.