Coin Master Hacks, Cheats and Tips Updated 2019

Just like other games, Coin Master has multiple hacks and cheats available that can get you unlimited resources so you can endlessly enjoy the game. Technically, you can generate up to 999,999,999 coins and 999 spins in one attempt, but you can use the Coin Master hack as many times as you want to, which means that infinite resources can be at your disposal in a matter of minutes.

These Coin Master cheats are usually safe to use from either your computer or mobile phone. Aside from that, there is no danger of your account getting suspended by the developers. The creators of the hack tool were smart enough to include the use of a proxy, securing that nobody can trace that you added resources to your account. The generator supports both Android and iOS, and it only requires your in-game username to connect. Use the button below to access the generator and request your resources.


Coin Master APK Mod Unlimited Coins and Spins

There is another way of securing infinite resources to play the game. It involves downloading an APK installation that was previously modified by professionals. The reason why they did that is to provide you with a way to enjoy Coin Master for free as long as you want, without having to look at the coins and spins you have available at the moment.

Android Mobile Zone is the provider of the mod APK, which is currently at the 3.0 version and can be downloaded from their website. After you complete the download of the installation file that has around 46 MB, transfer it to your phone and install just like any other app. The only thing you should remember is to erase the version downloaded from the Play Store if it is already on your device.

Some games take a long time to find their way to the audience and Coin Master seems to be one of them. Although the game was released in 2010, it took seven years for it to become one of the top apps for both Android and iOS. Moon Active is the company that both developed and published this unusual release intended for all casual gamers out there.

There is no middle ground when it comes to this game. Some people find it not worth their while, but thousands of them are hooked to this adorable spin release. It’s the simplicity that attracts players, and the replay value is so incredible that you will feel like a child once again as you will always try to find time for just one more spin.

A Colorful Virtual Slot Machine

In its essence, Coin Master is nothing else than a slot game. Your goal is to spin the slot machine and earn silly rewards, such as shields, coins, raids or attacks. The spin meter acts like stamina or energy bar in any other game. As time passes, you will generate new spins that will extend your fun of playing. You can also win new spins while playing the in-game slot machine if you are lucky enough. But the primary goal is to earn coins.

You can later use this indispensable resource to build your village, which is another feature of this weird release. Coins allow you to construct and upgrade different structures and collect stars for your success. Once you earn 20 stars, you can move on to the next village. That’s where you need to start building all over again. Sound bizarre? Trust us; it’s much more fun than it looks like!

Raid Other People’s Fortune

The next reward that you can win while spinning is the opportunity to steal coins from other people’s villages. When you are conducting a raid, the amount of the loot you acquire will be decided randomly. There is no way that you can influence it except maybe praying. That is if God has enough time to answer prayers related to a casual mobile game.

Of course, you also need to be aware that your village can also be attacked. There is not much that you can do on the defensive end except to spin some shields that will protect you from assaults for a certain amount of time.

Collectable Card Sets Are There, Too

As if Coin Master wasn’t already weird enough, the developers also included collectable card sets in this adorable game. You use coins to purchase treasure chests which contain a random amount of trading cards. There are various sets available, and your goal is to collect all cards. Each time you gather all pieces of one collection, you have a chance of winning a pet!

The pet system was recently introduced. The cute animals included are nothing more than boosts as they will secure you more significant profit from raids. Oh, and there is also the possibility of trading cards with your friends and other people playing the game.

That rounds up the fantastic compilation of activities available in this silly game. Of course, you also have in-app purchases that will make your life easier. The good news is that there is no strict paywall in CM, but if you feel like you want to continue playing, don’t feel obligated to invest real money. Instead, try some of the alternatives suggested below.

Other Coin Master Valuable Tips and Tricks

If you are only starting to play Coin Master, we have a couple of quick tips that might help you:

  • Make use of the social component of the game – include your friends and profit when they send you free stuff. Plus, it’s much more fun to play with people you know!
  • Connect your game to Facebook to earn 50 free spins and 100,000 coins
  • Make sure to play the game regularly because each day brings a new chance at spinning the fortune wheel for bonus rewards
  • Don’t forget to use shields to protect yourself from oncoming attacks. It’s an excellent way to annoy your friends and steal their fortune!

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