Clash Royale Hack and Cheats for Free Gems on Android & iOS

It is no secret that the only way to reach the top in CR is by using your wallet. Facing against players with maxed out cards is a pain because they have a great advantage. And if you haven’t been playing since the beginning, it is even harder for you. That’s why we decided to share today this new Clash Royale Hack that’s able to generate as many in an instant. The tool has been developed by a well-known team of hackers and it works on both Android and iOS devices. So if you’re looking to climb up those leagues, this is your best chance. Starting from Challenger league, all the way to Master and Ultimate Champion, the road is full of p2w users. And the thing is, not all of them are skilled, but they have the level advantage, which really helps.

It is good to know that using these Clash Royale cheats is completely safe. The developers have put a lot of time into making this generator as secure as possible. So you won’t have to worry about any of that. Your only concern should be finding the best deck and strategy that suits you. If you’re eager to build that dream deck, then you can use the following button to access the hack. Or you can just keep on reading to learn more about it.


Clash Royale Cheats Are Free To Use

Anyone can access and use the generator for free, without any restrictions, no matter their country. And from what I’ve read, it is going to stay this way. Also, the developers are even willing to keep it up to date with all the new versions of the game. So this thing will probably keep on working for the months to come. There are a bunch of other Clash Royale Cheats around the web, but it is hard to find one that actually works. We didn’t manage to test any of them yet, but this one looks the most promising. Also, there are a lot of people who already used it and gave it positive reviews. The screenshot below shows the user interface of the generator.

You can notice right from this picture how easy to use this Clash Royale Hack is. And it can bring you way more gems and gold than any guide can do. But even so, it may not be for everyone, that’s why we are going to share some tips and tricks as well at the end of this article. Because I’m pretty sure there are people who are not okay with hacking Clash Royale. Or people that are not so competitive, and they do not care about getting into any of the leagues. But enough of that, let’s move on to the game.

The State Of The Game

Clash Royale has been on the mobile market for years now, and it has become more than just a game. Thousands of players around the world are playing it in a ‘serious’ way, spending a lot of free time shaping up their tactics and progressing through the rankings. Supercell, its developer, focuses its attention on the community and offering it a bunch of new option to play. Let’s take a look at the newest game modes available in this fantastic release.

Challenges, Championships, Leagues…Your Choice

The game tries to find its place in the e-sport arena by offering exciting competitions for players around the world. These contests not only offer you to get crowned as the best player in the region or even the globe, but you can also get attractive cash prizes if you win. We’ll get to the Clash Royale Fall Season Championships later, but for now, we want to focus on challenges.

A New Legendary Brings A New Challenge

If you are a veteran, you know that Supercell often offers special events. They bring a hefty sum of resources should you complete them and they are worth playing. Aside from that, it’s usually free to participate. That is the case with the Mega Knight Challenge, which is the 43rd challenge event in the game.

The currently active unique challenge started on August 25th and offered some nifty prizes if you managed to make some consecutive wins in a row. If you manage to have two wins, you will get 1500 gold. For five wins you will get 100 gems, and eight wins will get you a giant chest. An enormous amount of gold is available at ten wins, while the Mega Knight card awaits you once you have 12 wins in the challenge. As you can see, the game offers some high-quality prizes in this event, but it’s not easy to get them if you don’t have considerable experience. It gets easier though once you use the Clash Royale Hack, as you’ll be able to participate as many times as you want until you master the challenge.

How to Play and Win the Mega Knight Challenge?

First of all, you should know that participating in the challenge is free only for the first time. You will have to pay 100 gems for each following entry. That can be a bit tricky, considering that you will need to have five wins to get what you invested in the first place. Therefore, you should have some resources piled up before taking on the Mega Knight Challenge. Oh, and don’t forget that the challenge is open for people that reached at least level 8 of the game. The entry fee is one of the reasons that people go and search for Clash Royale cheats. If you’re not someone who put money into the game, you won’t be able to join many of these challenges. And that’s not too great because these are the best way of acquiring cards.

Tips to Getting 12 Wins in Mega Knight Challenge

The newest special event includes the Mega Knight card, a strong legendary warrior that costs seven Elixir points. Lava Hound has less HP than him, but Giant has a bit more. You use the Mega Knight to attack buildings and troops. He can leap onto the target when its 4-5 tiles away and inflict double splash damage.

You could say that Mega Knight in Clash Royale is a combination of the Dark Prince (similar DPS and attacks), Electro Wizard and Bandit (double damage). The first thing to make sure is to know how to deal with him. Keep in mind that you should avoid placing Skeletons or Ice Spirit at 4-5 tiles away become he can damage them considerably. Have in mind that his movement is similar to one of the Bandits, which means that defending with Valkyrie or Knight can be a good way to go.

There are many ways to beat the Mega Knight challenge, but the overall consensus among the players is that the defensive tactics (anti Mega-Knight) are probably better than the one that will focus on the offense. You can test out all the different tactics by using a Clash Royale Hack APK. You could also use the developers kit of the game to do the same thing.

The Ice Spirit Card Challenge

Aside from the special event in the form of the Mega Knight challenge, there is another game waiting for you in the event. It is the Ice Spirit Card challenge, which has the limit of 6 wins set. If you manage to reach that goal, you will be able to receive as much as 300 Ice Spirit cards. That’s not a small number, and it is worth giving it a shot as you can get some valuable cards for your future matches.

The Crown Championship Challenge

Championships are the next step in competing in Clash Royale. They are not intended for beginner users as they require at least some experience in the game. The greatest hit of this year is the fall season of the Crown Championship Global Series. Believe it or not, the championship offers a prize pool of $1,000,000, and that money is up for grabs!

That being said, the Crown Championship is at this point at the bracket stage, which is the second phase of the competition. It all started in the middle of August when all players had the chance to participate in the qualifications. There will be more tournaments like this, so let’s take a look at how the initial stage looked like. The great thing about this challenge is that card levels don’t matter. So you won’t need tons of money or the Clash Royale Hack in order to emerge as a winner. This is all based on your skills.

20 Wins for Qualification and Epic Rewards

The idea of the Crown Championship initial phase is similar to the Grand Challenge. The only change is that the goal here is to have 20 wins without suffering three losses. Depending on how many wins you have, you can get giant, magical or legendary chests, as well as up to 250,000 gold. Once you reach the 20 wins, you qualify for the next phase of the Crown Championship. I’m pretty sure many players would have wished there were cheats for Clash Royale that could make their units invincible or something in order to easily win this challenge.

As mentioned, the fall season of the Clash Royale global challenge is heating up. However, for those of you who missed it, expect the spring season soon with a prize pool that will take your breath away.

Who Is the Best Player in the World in Clash Royale?

All the winners of the initial phase qualified for bracket play, which is the second stage of the Crown Championship. In that period, the participants are divided into regions, and they are fighting to become one of the best players in their respective parts of the globe. Some of them will find their way to the final event in December which will determine the best player in the world.

The most interesting thing about Crown Championships is that everyone can watch the matches. Visit the official championship website and find out when the next broadcast is. You can also meet some of the renowned players that might be your competition for the $1,000,000 prize fund next year.

Clash Royale Leagues

While this is a highly addictive game, you can find yourself looking for new ways to have fun after a while. Fortunately, there are a lot of options for competing against other players and leagues are one of them.

The leagues can be played individually or with your clan. There are a bunch of offers you can find online. For example, there is an interesting attempt to start an official Supercell Forum League. If you are interested in something like that, check out the rules and join the league today.

There is also a Clan Royale League available where you can participate with your team. That competition can be a true challenge as it puts your gang against other members in matches that focus on both strategy and teamwork. You can find the current open qualifiers for the Clan Royale League, as well as all other information you need, on their Twitter account. This will once again send players looking for that Clash Royale Hack that can get them the upper hand.

How to Fight Paid Users with Better Cards?

As you can see, the game offers a whole lot of ways to have fun whether you are a novice player or you have a lot of experience. However, the game does have one problem which can ruin the fun sometimes, especially if you are a new player.

If you are already a player, you probably encountered this issue in the beginning. You see, new players are struggling against paid users with better cards. If you didn’t invest any money, there is a chance that you can be swept off the battlefield in just a couple of moves.

There are two ways to fight this issue. The first one is to be patient and be prepared to lose from time to time. After a while, you will build your deck and become more reputable within the game. That will enable you to snatch more wins and not feel the advantage of the users that pay real cash that much.

However, you will still be vulnerable to those who invest real money. The other alternative you can use is to spend money yourself and get better cards. If you don’t want to do that, the only thing left for you to do is to use some Clash Royale cheats. These can easily get you any amount of gold and gems so that you can easily upgrade your deck. If you think at any moment that you wouldn’t be playing fair, just consider that thousands of players around the world already use them in order to get free Clash Royale gems.

A Breakdown Of The Clash Royale Hack

Although there’s also the gold, gems are the game’s premium currency. They quickly become scarce, and it’s incredibly hard to manage without them. If you want to get an advantage over others or achieve your friends that skyrocketed on the leaderboard because they invested real cash, you’ll have to either learn how to hack Clash Royale or use this generator. That hack tool will secure you up to 50,000 gems and 1,000,000 gold in just one request.

There is a useful manual on the website, but it all comes down to entering the desired amount of resources you want and connecting the Clash Royale Hack with your account. You do the latter by inputting the Player Tag you can find on your profile page, right below your username. The crucial part of the process is to input this tag correctly. If you follow the instructions, you can have unlimited resources in your account in less than 15 minutes. As I mentioned before, these Clash Royale cheats work on both iOS and Android devices and they require no download. The entire process takes place online, you’ll only need an internet connection.

Another good thing about getting Clash Royale free gems using this method is that you won’t need any jailbreaking, modding or APK. The bad thing is, that as all the other tools, this doesn’t come with no human verification and no survey, it has them both.

Other Tips, Tricks, And Guides For Clash Royale Gems

There is a whole bunch of websites dedicated solely to how to succeed in the game. If you don’t like the Clash Royale Hack, you can use a legal way to cheat the game and get some gems if you follow the instruction on these websites. Long story short, there is an app that offers gift cards you can use to secure a couple of thousands of gems for your account.

As for the general tips and tricks, I love the CRArena website, where you can find a bunch of guides, as well as a detailed explanation on different cards and their categories. The site is continuously updated, and you can read the news related to Clash Royale so that you don’t miss any changes related to the game. In the end, I’d like to mention that similar to the Clash Royale Gems Hack, is this Dragon City Hack that comes from the same developers. So if you also play that game, you should check it out.

So now that you know all about getting free gems, it is time for you to get back into the game and become a world champion!


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