City Mania Hacks And Cheats For Free Cash And Coins Revealed

City Building games have always been very popular among gamers of all age. Developed by Gameloft, City Mania is at the top of this genre, with beautiful graphics and great gameplay. The game is free to play but you’ll have to spend money to get some of the items and to speed things up. Almost everything can be bought with cash instead of coins, so the ones who put money into the game clearly have a huge advantage. Now for the rest, who don’t have the money or who don’t want to spend it on a game, there is a solution. A City Mania Hack that leaked online which is able to generate all the currency you need for free.

The City Mania cheats of which we’ll be talking today have been around for a while now. They are very easy to use and way more effective than any tips, tricks or guides. These come in the form of an online generator so they require no download and no jailbreak or apk modding. This particular hack tool will easily operate with both iOS and Android devices and generate currencies at will straight from the browser. Also, it is worth mentioning that it comes from the creators of the Dragon City Hack, so its efficiency is clearly assured. If you want to access the tool right now, then use the button below.


Guide To Using The Generator

The first thing you have to do is to access the tool. On the initial screen, you’ll be prompted to insert your city name or email associated with your account/device. Make sure you type it right because making a mistake means you won’t be getting any resources. The next thing you’ll have to do is to select the operating system of your device. This is because the City Mania Hack has a  different algorithm for each OS. After that, you’ll have to select the number of coins and cash that you want. Then the last thing you have to do is to wait for the generator to do its job. During this time you may be asked to pass the human verification test which usually consists of a simple survey, but that doesn’t happen every time.

Some Of The City Mania Cheats Features

  1. Unlimited Coins and Cash – The tool is able to generate any amount of cash and coins without any restrictions;
  2. Free Of Cost – Users don’t have to pay anything in order to access or use the generator;
  3. User-Friendly Interface – As you see above, the interface is very well designed and easy to use;
  4. Runs Online- We discussed before how the City Mania Hack requires no download, no root, no jailbreak and no apk mod. You just click on the button, fill the required information and generate the coins and cash quickly;
  5. Completely Safe – It poses no threat to your account as it is completely undetectable, so you’ll never get banned using it.

City Building Games Moving On Mobile

When it comes to city building, the first association of everyone who loves this genre is SimCity 2000. That game set some standards even today’s games can’t reach. But when you say mobile city building games, the first thing that comes to mind is a lot of inadequate choices. It seems that the majority of games for portable devices involve some building, so getting into the ring is not an easy decision the make. Gameloft decided to do exactly that when they announced that they will create City Mania, their own version of how to build the perfect town on your mobile.

There’s More To It Than Just Waiting For Timers

The idea of City Mania is quite simple – you have the task of building a great city which will attract new citizens and make them happy to live in. Aside from constructing various structures across a map given to you, you will also have to make sure to build a road structure in a way that will connect all these buildings.

The first thing you should know is that you can’t do it randomly as it is the case in some other (mobile) games. I was thrilled when I noticed that nobody wants to live in a house located right next to a factory. Yes, there is some logic to the game, which is a big positive. If you messed things up, hacking City Mania may help you, because having enough cash fixes anything.

How To Keep Your Citizens Happy?

You will spend a lot of time keeping your citizens happy, which is why you can’t only build residential and industrial structures, but you also need to think about the aesthetics of your town. A lot of parks is a good way to keep happiness of your people at a high level because we all like taking a walk across beautiful green landscapes (aside from us weirdos who would rather stay at home and play all day). Having a sad city is what makes players search for City Mania cheats. Because you’ll need money in order to sustain the city.

Another area where you will realize that this game tries to be different are the amenities you will have at your disposal. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new buildings to construct. You will be able to focus on commerce, education, sustainability, or entertainment. But the niftiest addition is the option to create famous landmarks. After you develop your city enough, you will have the opportunity of building the Colosseum, Space Needle or the Eiffel Tower. Hell, I always wanted to take my girlfrie+nd to Paris, but since it’s a little far-fetched in real life, I can now make my virtual city of romance and take her there this way. And all of that can be easily achieved without putting money into the game, by simply using the City Mania Hack.

They Are Not Your Ordinary Citizens…

Don’t expect to have regular residents in your city. Expect some funny characters with unique (and a bit less original) traits. For example, notice that policeman munching donuts or that buffed construction worker whose name is accidentally Forest Manley. These cartoon-like characters are called Bizzies, and you will have the opportunity to assign them to work in some of the buildings you construct.

It’s this idea that makes City Mania stands out from the crowd and makes it different from the other games in the genre. Each of the Bizzies is different and has its array of skills. Some of them are perfect to work in constructing, while the others are made for driving the fire truck. The one thing they have in common is that they are charming and they add to the experience you have playing the game. The downside is that you’ll either have to use the City Mania hack or pay in order to get the best bizzies.

But It Is Your Ordinary Game of Be Patient or Pay Real Cash

On the other end, the game suffers from some issues, but before we get to them let’s discuss how you build structures in the game. You will have different resource points at your disposal, and they play the vital part in building. Let’s say that you, for example, want to make a house for your residents. You have to go to the factory and get some steel and wood (or make it if you don’t already have it). It’s only then when you can assemble the house.

While that makes perfect sense, the game has an important bug that can annoy you and it’s related to roads. If you can’t build the entire road at once, but you want to connect it, later on, be prepared that the game won’t consider them joined even though you put it right next to the existing structure. There are some weird mechanics, but you will get the hang of it through time.

A much bigger problem is the in-game purchases. City Mania is free for everyone to download and play, but Gameloft decided to be greedy, which ruined the game a bit. As you progress through the game, you will have to wait more and more time for the buildings to complete and new content will only rarely appear. The solution is to be patient or pay some real cash and speed up the process. Or even better, use the City Mania Hack to generate cash for free and speed up everything. It’s pretty much the same thing you’ll find in Clash of Clans or Monster Legends, just to name a few. Even though those game play differently, when it comes to building, it is the same thing.

On the bright side, the game looks dazzling. It features amazing graphics and detailed structures. Each of the Bizzies has a beautifully unique look, making it sure that you will enjoy watching your town at any moment. The social component is included in the game since you can visit your friends’ cities and see how they’ve got things done. That might be a bit help in the moments when you feel like the number of tiles limits you and that you need to find a different solution, as not even the City Mania cheats work when it comes to this.

Final Words

I am glad that Gameloft was brave enough to take a different approach with City Mania. It’s not your ordinary city building game, but it comes with some twists. The option to make some real-life structures and unique new buildings, as well as to collect a bunch of great characters is a fresh addition and makes the game very charming.

Two things make City Mania fall short of being a brilliant game. One is that you will hit a paywall after some time, while the other is the fact that a city building simulation for mobile devices simply needs to have some limits. So, don’t expect it to be like SimCity 2000, but you will nonetheless have a fun experience becoming a mayor and running your own town in this game.

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