Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Free Gold & Lives With Easy To Use Hack

When King first released Candy Crush Saga, it didn’t get a lot of attention from players. The reason was simple; if you take a look at the game’s screenshots, it seemed like a pure clone of Bejeweled set in some candy land. However, years have passed since then, and it appears that the game’s popularity has only been rising during that time. Even today, it’s still one of the games that dominate the mobile market. Let’s dive in and take a look what’s all this fuss about the sweets.

All you need to know is that you’re going to wish that you’d had some gold and more lives. The game is focused on finishing levels and for that, you’re going to need lots of the resources mentioned earlier. And while the lives can be acquired by waiting, the gold can’t. You’ll have to either spend money or use some Candy Crush Saga cheats in order to get it. And the most innovative and secure way to generate it is by using an online generator. The one we are sharing here today is probably the most popular, as it is completely secure and works on all the platforms. There are many other Candy Crush cheats, but not all of them work. So if you want to try out this one then use the button below. You can find the instructions for it later in the article.


If You Played Bejeweled, You Know What This Is About

The incredible thing about Candy Crush Saga is that it reminds of Bejeweled, just like thousands of other games in the app stores. It keeps the familiar match-3 system, but adds colorful sweets, including lemon drops, orange lozenges, and blue lollipops. The gameplay mechanics are easy to pick up, and you will understand how to play this game in a minute or two (although it offers a short tutorial to explain how everything works). You have a board filled with candies of various colors. The goal is to switch positions of two candies by swiping them and adjusting them in a way that you have matched at least three of the same color in a row. Aside from that, the L form works out, too, but it requires you to have five candies connected.

Depending on a level, you will have a set amount of moves or limited time to complete the objectives. The goals vary; sometimes Candy Crush Saga will require you to bring particular ingredients to the bottom of the board. In other cases, you will have to remove the jelly covering the candy, while sometimes it will be as simple as getting a particular score to clear the level.

The Strategy Twist

When you make comparisons with Bejeweled, there is one particular difference that comes to mind. Unlike the classic of the genre, Candy Crush Saga adds a strategy twist to the gaming experience. You will need to think about your every move if you want to complete the objectives given, especially in later levels when things can become a bit complex (and annoying).

There are also special pieces of candies you can generate by combining more pieces of sweets. For example, if you manage to connect four in a row, you will get a striped candy. Once you match it with similar colored ones again, it will blow up an entire row (or column) and help you with your goal. There is also a color bomb, which you secure by connecting five candies of the same color. Once you have the bomb, you can swipe it with any neighboring candy and blow up all the sweets of that color on the board.

How Should You Play to Win in Candy Crush Saga?

In general, the best tip we can give you (that does not fall into hacks or cheats category) is that you should always look to form special candies. Those sweets will help you blast a bigger portion of the board and generate a higher number of points at once. You also have different power-ups at your disposal, such as some extra moves or the candy-like hammer that can destroy any single tile on the board as per your desire.

As you progress, Candy Crush Saga will bring you additional obstacles and challenges, such as the chocolate that you have to destroy before it spreads and swallows all your candies. The game is at the same time straightforward and fun and incredibly frustrating. I can’t explain to you how annoyed I felt on dozens of occasions when I got stuck on a level for days. There wasn’t any amount of strategy that could help my case; I either had the option to buy some extra power-ups or patiently wait that the luck comes my way regarding the order of candies on the board.

The Social Experience

One of the reasons why Candy Crush Saga is so successful should be looked into the social aspect of the game. You can play it on Facebook or your Android or iOS mobile devices. If you agree to connect your FB account, you will be able to see the list of all your friends that did the same, as well as their progress. Furthermore, you can see their scores on any level and compare them to the ones you set. The success of every of over 1000 levels is marked by stars and the score.

The stars are the first indicator how successful you were at play. You can win three at most, with the golden (third) one marking that you were one of the best in that particular level. However, the points then settle the score and determine the king of the level. All this builds up the social aspect of the game and improves the gaming experience. The developers didn’t just enable you to see if your friends are ahead of you regarding levels, but it also compares everyone’s score on every level. So it is no wonder there are many players looking for Candy Crush Saga cheats. That happens just because they want to beat their friend’s scores.

The Monetization System or How Long You Can Play for Free?

King, the developer team behind CCS, decided for a familiar formula; they will enable us to play the game for free, but they will also have in-game purchases. Candy Crush Saga has a bar that marks how many lives you have. You can have a maximum of five lives at one moment (although you can ask a friend to send you lives, in which case you can increase that number). Once you spend the lives playing, you have to wait for half an hour for every additional life and a chance to play. So at some point, using a Candy Crush hack becomes a must if you want to keep on playing uninterrupted.

While this might seem like a fair offer, it all gets much trickier at later levels. I had a bunch of situations where I lose all my lives in just a couple of minutes, and there is no way to go from there. Add to that getting stuck on a particular level and you can see how annoying it can be. The only way out might be to buy some power-ups that will help you push through the situation that annoys you and keep playing your favorite game. After all, if you have played the game before, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats and Hacks

The solution to all your troubles is here! Okay, maybe not all of them, but we have some ideas that will help you when you get stuck on a level. The thing to do then is to use one of these Candy Crush cheats and make the game as addictive as it was in the beginning.

Unlimited Lives and Gold

This is probably one of the best Candy Crush Saga hacks available if you want to use one. The first thing you need to do it to access the online generator. After you do that, enter your username or e-mail and choose the platform you play on. Once you do that, pick a proxy server and proceed further. Select the number of resources you need and then you can enjoy the game. The best part is that each time you spend a life, it will automatically renew, which means that you have an unlimited amount of them at your disposal. The gold can also be replenished by getting back to the generator and using it again. That’s how easy hacking Candy Crush is. You don’t have to download anything, you don’t have to mod your phone with APKs. You don’t have to do anything except access the online generator.

Get another Chance on Facebook

This Candy Crush cheat only works when you are playing the game on Facebook. You will need to open the game in two tabs at the same time. That way, once you lose the life in one of your tabs, you can move to the other tab, and you will have that life available. Yes, it’s simple as that, and it can give you a couple of additional chances if you feel that you are close to completing the level. However, keep in mind that this works only for lives, and you can do the trick only if you have at least three lives in the game.

Final Words

Candy Crush Saga is a game that redefined the match-3 genre. Its simplicity and addictiveness are the secrets behind its success. The fact that it can keep you for hours and still be fun, combined with the vivid and colorful graphics, is enough to give it a chance if you haven’t so far. And if you get stuck somewhere along your journey, simply use one of the Candy Crush Saga cheats shared here. Also, if you’re already done with this game you can check out the hacks available for Candy Crush Soda Saga by going here.

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