Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a hit family game in which you develop a Campsite that will attract animal campers to visit and stay in your location. While it’s fun to construct various amenities and improve them, it’s disappointing that it takes either a lot of time or money to speed things up in the game. But thanks to the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hacks that have already been released you can maximize your progress and get unlimited resources without having to invest real cash. Using these cheats requires not hacking or programming knowledge and can be done by anyone. All that you have to do is to follow a specific set of instructions after accessing the website below.

The generator is free to use and can be accessed from both iOS and Android devices. Developers stated that they will be keeping it updated so it should be working most of the times. There are not that many cheats for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp currently available, but that will change for sure in the near future as the game has gained huge popularity. So if don’t really like this one, then you should keep an eye out for when others are released. Otherwise, if you’re ready to get your bells and leaf tickets, then click the following button. We’ll put the official instructions list in the next section of the article for those who find the interface difficult.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Hacks and Cheats

As you know, Leaf Tickets are the premium currency in AC. You can try as much as you want, but you won’t be able to collect enough of them to speed up those timers that make you wait for hours and days to perform an upgrade. Fortunately, with the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hack tool you can boost the number of tickets you own in no time.

It is an online generator similar to those you might have seen for other mobile games. It is located on the website we linked above, and it is entirely safe to use. That means that your account won’t get suspended and you won’t be banned from the game if you use the hack. You also won’t get your phone or PC infected because you don’t have to download a single file to your devices.



As I said, you can use your computer or cell phone to access the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp cheats. When you find yourself on the page, we linked above, enter the e-mail you use for your mobile device and choose the platform. Then follow these few simple steps:

  1. Secure the connection by selecting one of the available proxy servers;
  2. Select the number of bells and leaf tickets that you want to generate;
  3. Share the website with your friends(this is an optional step);
  4. Wait for the process to finish and then restart your game;

As the last step, you might be prompted to go through a human verification which consists of either a captcha or a survey. The verification shows up randomly so I don’t know what triggers it.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mod APK Download

If you are an Android user, who doesn’t want to use the Pocket Camp hack each time when in need of new resources, we suggest checking out this alternative. It is an Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mod APK which adds unlimited Leaf Tickets to your account. You might think that it sounds too good to believe, but that’s the truth!

Here’s how everything works – head to the link above and download the APK file. That is a modified installation for the game. Next, transfer the file to your device (or download it directly with it to skip this step). Make sure that all other versions are deleted from your phone before opening the APK and starting the install process. As soon as you finish installing you can begin playing by clicking on the icon on your home screen.

As we mentioned, this mod won’t work for iOS users. That is only logical because APK is an abbreviation for Android Package Kit and those files can’t run on iPhones. However, Apple users can stick to the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp cheats which work on all platforms. But before you do that, take a look at these essential tips that will enhance your experience once you start playing.

A Few Pocket Camp Tips and Tricks

While there is no clear winner in this game, we felt the highest sense of pride when we managed to befriend a bunch of animals and get them to stay at our Campsite. Let’s take a look at how you can get your contact list full of various campers that love hanging out on your island.

How to Attract Animals to Visit Your Campsite

To start building your relationship with a creature, just take a look at their requests. Those can include catching fish, collecting bugs, or shaking fruits of the trees. Keep in mind that the animals only have three demands per appearance, so make sure to use all of them. You should also talk to your furry friends, which also improves your relationship.

When your friendship reaches a specific status, you will see which items you need to craft to make them feel welcome when they visit your campsite. You can check that out from the particular animal’s page in the Contacts menu. After you finish placing those amenities and furniture on your island, invite them to come over.

Keep in mind that your camp can hold up to 10 animals at once, but the good news is that you can invite and throw out your visitors any way you see fit.

What Happens at Specific Friendship Levels?

Our furry friends in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp can have one of four different personalities – Natural, Sporty, Cute, or Cool. Depending on that, you will need to have particular items at your campsite to develop a relationship with them. For example, the Cool Tent is required if you want to go further than friendship level 7 with that type of creatures. Requests are also waiting at the 10th, 15th, and 20th level. The animal will become a close friend at the rank 20 and give you their framed photo as a gift. You can consider that the ultimate token of appreciation in the furry world. But if you’re hoping of getting all these photos, you’ll need either money or the help of a working Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hack.

Don’t Forget Your Human Friends

You shouldn’t underestimate the social component of the game. In fact, there are multiple benefits you can reap from having a bunch of in-game friends. For starters, you need to have a team ready to go on the Shovelstrike Quarry activity with you. The squad should have six players (including you), and each of them needs to agree to your request and play the game in the set amount of time.

Aside from that, having more friends also means having extra options for trading and that brings us to our next tip.

How to Master Your Market Box

There are unlimited activities to do each day, and they include fishing and collecting bugs and fruits. You can use some of them to fulfil the animal requests, but if you do have a surplus of resources, it is a good idea to list it for sale. There are two ways to sell any unnecessary items in Pocket Camp. The first one is to use the Marketplace where you can trade items for a low amount of Bells.

A much better way is to place them in your Market Box and make them available for other players. Each gamer that visits your island has the opportunity to buy the resources you listed for sale. They will offer far more Bells for every item, and you can earn ten times as much this way. For example, a fruit that is worth 10 Bells in the Marketplace can be sold for 100 Bells to another player.

Of course, an excellent way to boost your income, even more, is to sell semi-rare or ultra-rare resources. If you can’t harvest enough of them, you can always sell the items that can’t be farmed fast, such as fruits. But if that’s not for you, then you should have another look at the available Pocket Camp cheats.

Plan the Upgrades

Each amenity is divided across multiple tiers and levels. You need to maximize the levels before you can upgrade to the following category. There is a total of three tiers available, and each of them requires a particular amount of time for constructing. Here is a quick timetable:

  • 12 hours to build a new tent
  • 24 hours to upgrade an amenity to Tier 1
  • 48 hours to improve it to Tier 2
  • 72 hours to enhance it to Tier 3

Try to plan your upgrades and don’t waste time that you could use to build your amenities to progress in the game.

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